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How long does prosciutto keep?

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I have some in a zip-lock plastic bag in the fridge. Does it keep for a few weeks or months? I bought it 5/1 (Boar's Head Piccollo Prosciutto), thinly sliced. It is not slimy & smells fine. Do I just go by smell/texture change on this? TIA

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Although there may be opinions to the contrary, I have found you
i can't
keep prosciutto. Not even in the freezer. No matter how much air you pull out of the packaging. My dad thought he was getting a find, buying prosciutto at a very low price per pound - figuring he could freeze it. We ended up scraping it off the chicken breast we used it on.

XMIL-2 brought a mozzarella/prosciutto spiral for a party I threw. When I sliced into it, the proscuitto was
i gray
except for the very center of the roll. We ended up throwing it smelled awful.

Proscuitto is best consumed somewhat fresh. It may be too late for the quantity you purchased.

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It will "keep" in a vacuum sealed papckage but the pieces stick together. I agree w/ Chiff-best purchased the day you want to serve it. PS Keep your eyes peeled for that Mozzarella/procuitto roll she mentioned. I recently discovered it. It is a great appetizer served w/ breadsticks.

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I got a piece a while back and it kept for a reasonable time (several weeks), although slicing it will inevitably shorten the life of it. Prosciutto is aged several months in the drying process so it can keep (in ideal conditions) for months - that is the whole point of the curing process, to enable you to keep meat without refrigeration. In general if it looks OK and smells OK it probably is OK, but don't feed it to any "at risk" groups. You've now had it 6 weeks plus and at this stage I'd either ditch it or eat it, but I wouldn't keep it any longer.

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Thanks for all the advice - I usually pitch stuff too early but this sounds like it should go today.