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Sanding Sugar Substitution

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I'm making a recipe called Gingered Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds with Dried Cranberries.  Since it is a savory dish, I was surprised to find "sanding sugar" on the ingredient list.  The sanding sugar I have is in bright colors (for cookie decorating).  Is there plain sanding sugar?  Is there a substitution I can use (raw sugar?)?  Would the ratio be 1:1?



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I've purchased white sanding sugar but haven't seen it frequently. I assume the recipe requires it for its grittiness. I'd assume that demerara would substitute. But I'd just try regular granulated 1:1 to save a trip to the store. You may want to check whether the sugar is cooked to caramelize it; if so, you'll need to watch the granulated more carefully.





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Since I am going to the store anyway, here's the recipe.  Do you think demarara is a good substitute?


        Gingered Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds with Dried Cranberries


Categories:  Appetizers, Party, Super Bowl


 Amount      Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method

--------     ------------      --------------------------------

  4              cups                    pepitas

     3/4        cup                     sanding sugar

  2              tablespoons         coarse salt

  2 1/2        teaspoons            ground ginger

     1/3        teaspoon              ground cinnamon

  1              tablespoon            pure vanilla extract -- plus 2 teaspoons

     1/3        cup                       granulated sugar

  3              tablespoons          freshly grated ginger

  2              cups                    roasted, salted peanuts -- about 1/2 pound

  1              cup                     dried cranberries


Preheat oven to 300 degrees.  Spread pepitas in a single layer on a rimmed

baking sheet; toast, stirring occasionally, until lightly browned, about

12 minutes.  Remove from oven; let cool completely.


Meanwhile, whisk together sanding sugar, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 1/2

teaspoons ground ginger, and the cinnamon in a large bowl.  Set aside.


In a large saucepan, combine vanilla, granulated sugar, 3 tablespoons

water, and remaining tablespoon salt and teaspoon ground ginger.  Bring to

a boil over medium-high heat; cook, stirring, 2 minutes.  Stir in fresh

ginger.  Add peanuts and toasted pepitas; cook, stirring, until liquid has

almost evaporated (do not let mixture burn), about 4 minutes.


Immediately toss hot nut mixture with reserved sanding-sugar mixture until

well coated.  Spread out coated nuts on a baking sheet lined with

parchment paper and let cool completely, 6 hours or overnight.  Stir in

dried cranberries.  Mixture can be stored in airtight containers at room

temperature up to 2 weeks.


Source:    "Martha Stewart Living Magazine December 2003"

Yield:      "10 cups"



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Sorry, just finished dinner.

I'm glad you posted the recipe. So the granulated sugar will melt/caramelize with the other ingredients and the coarse salt and coarse/sanding sugar will stick to the pepitas, for the rough texture. I'd say demerara would be fine. Are you using coarse or kosher salt?

This sounds really good; please let us know how it turns out.





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Kosher.  Never made it back to the supermarket.  I'm trying to make it tomorrow.


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I wanted to get back to you and let you know how this turned out.  First thing:  it is *very* gingery.  Not a surprise given the ingredient list, but I thought I would just confirm this.  I love ginger, and it gives it a nice kick to offset the sugars.  The other thing that I should say is that it is sticky.  I laid it out on a sheet pan to cool overnight, and it isn't the loose "mixed nut" texture I expected.  Nor is it the crunchy caramelized texture it might have been (but it isn't actually cooked in the sugar).  So, I'm not really sure what to say about it.  I like snacking on it, but I'm not sure I would make it again.


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I'm glad you reported back; I was tempted to try it but was hoping for crunchy caramel. Oh well, nothing ventured... :)





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Not this one.  The candied walnuts from the ruby salad were very good as a snack.  I have others if you want them.


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I would like the recipe for the candied walnuts.  I printed the other recipe you posted and will probably try it, it sounds good.

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I realized that the recipe I was thinking of was the Spinach Salad in Issue #70.  I recall that it is frowned upon to post recipes from the current issue.  If you don't have that issue, let me know.  I can e-mail you privately.


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Thank you for the info. I will check out the issue!

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I know I'd love them, but the last thing I need around the house is crunchy sweet nuts; may as well apply them directly to hips :)





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Exactly.  Can't for Sunday when less discriminating beer-drinking friends will devour them while watching the game!