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How reheat leftover Standing Rib Roast

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We had an excellent standing rib roast for New Year's...with tons left over! How do we REHEAT it without it overcooking?

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I had the same problem (hah! leftover prime rib - some problem, eh?). My solution is don't.  Make sandwiches. Make cold plates. Reheat any leftover gravy and use that to gently take the chill off the meat. But don't try re-cooking or reheating. It will just destroy the meat (IMNSHO).

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My sister and her husband host a huge picnic in the spring and always have a lot of boneless rib roast left over which she freezes. She reheats on a very low oven until just warm through quite successfully.


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We had a SRR for Christmas Eve dinner and I was faced with the same problem you have.  I bought seven bones for four people!!! (two were kids).  Significant amount of meat was left over.

I sliced the remaining roast into 4 "steaks" about 3/4" to 1 inch thick and let come to room temperature.  I fired up the gas grill and let it go to 500 - 550 degrees.  The roast was to the rare side of medium to start with so a few minutes on each side was enough to warm it through without overcooking.  There is significant fat in the meat if your roast is prime or choice, so watch the flare-ups.  This method yielded medium steaks with a nice bit of crusting due to the Lawry's and black pepper seasoning applied sparingly to each side prior to grilling.  If you don't have a gas grill you may get similar results from a broiler but you'd probably have to prepare each steak individually unless you have a commercial broiler.


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I agree with whoever said "don't reheat." DH and I just finished eating our way through what seemed like a side of beef but was really just the leftovers from a 3-rib Prime Rib. Quite frankly, I didn't care much for it hot-it was too rich-but it made the best sandwiches; it was much better cold than hot. Too bad it's too expensive to roast one for lunches for the week-it really makes a world-class sandwich (on brioche bread from the bakery.)

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Thanks for the message. This is what we did do:

I had tons of left over homemade borscht (not traditional. Made it with butternut squash and beets.) Anyway, I cut one of the "steaks" into fairly large cubes. When the soup was boiling hot, I poured it over individual serving bowls which each had a large "serving" of prime rib chunks in it. Don't know where this inspiration came from but I was loathe to actually cook the meat because as you said: UGH! was probably some of the very best soup we EVER had. The soup was served with hot homemade baguette and a simple, fresh salad. Oh my goodness. And we have more of each left!!! AND...hee-hee...we have friends coming over tonight! Guess what THEY'LL eat?

Best to you dear cooking friend.