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Whipped cream stabilized

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I recently heard of a way to stabilize your whipped cream so that when you are serving a large crowd, the whipped cream will not separate. I think it was with a gelatin. Does anyone have the recipe?

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Hi Xanadu
There are a few ways to stabilize your whipped cream. You can add a few almost completely melted marshmallows to your cream towards the end of whipping -- the gelatin in the 'mallows acts as a stabilizer.
You can also heat a bit of cornstarch (about 1 teaspoon per 1 cup heavy cream) in a little of the heavy cream -- just remember to cool it completely before adding to the remaining cream and then whipping it.

You Of course, you could also dissolve gelatin and add it to the whipping cream but this is really my least favorite as it tends to spatter around the bowl and can give uneven results.

My favorite method is to team mascarpone cheese with heavy cream -- the resulting cream is wonderfully rich, complex and, well, stable!

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Thanks, I'll try those