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Trans fat free replacement for Crisco?

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I have been trying to get trans fat out of our diets and am looking for idea's on a substitution for Crisco that appears in my favorite gingersnap cookie. It uses half Crisco and half butter. I have tried trans fat free Crisco without success and all butter makes them too flat and thin. Any ideas? My default is to stick to the Crisco this year with the thought if I only use it in a couple of recipes that I have been making for year it will not kill me.



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Hi Sherryin Chicago,
I feel your pain! I've had some luck with using all butter and using brown sugar instead of granulated. You could also try increasing the proportion of butter to crisco -- this will reduce your trans-fats while still offering a similar texture. That said, if you're not in the mood to experiment, I'd stick with your original recipe knowing that this small amount most likely won't cause any damage.

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You could try Smart Balance or Earth Balance Buttery Sticks. Theu use a Non- hydrogenated blend of soy, olive and palm oils.

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Thanks for the ideas


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you're welcome!