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Dear Abigail,

When I was a child I could make perfect Seven-Minute Icing that stayed soft and fluffy.  Somewhere in my twenties, I lost my touch.  My frosting would look and taste good if served immediately but would soon develop a hard crust on the outside and a grainy texture on the inside----terrible.  What happened to me?  I haven't attempted to make Seven-Minute Icing for almost thirty years, but I would like to be able to recreate the glorious frosting of my childhood.

I used to dye the frosting pastel colors----pink, lavender, blue, green, and yellow.  If you help me, I promise to leave the food coloring alone.


Wheat Princess

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Hello wheatprincess!
Sounds to me like your egg whites and sugar aren't cooking enough to completely dissolve the sugar. Make sure you use a metal bowl to cook/beat your whites - and set the bowl in a sauce pan or skillet with water coming up to the level of your whites (this will help cook the whites uniformally). Also, if you don't already add corn syrup, try adding 1 tablespoon for every 2 whites along with a ggood pinch of cream of tartar

You can also switch to a cooked merigue/marshmallow frosting -- I've been using this for a while now instead of 7-minute frosting with excellent results -- with or without colors!!

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Thank you, Abigail.  I am going to try the marshmallow meringue frosting you posted.  I can see why your cookbooks for children are so good; you celebrate the child in all of us with your encouragement to tint the frosting those pretty colors!


Wheat Princess