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Muffins with flat tops

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Many times when I bake muffins, they don't rise.  The tops flatten like pancakes over the top of the muffin pan?  They taste good, but are ugly.  Am I filling them too full or am I doing something else wrong?  I fill them almost to the top of the muffin cup.  Thanks for any insight.    Linda

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Hi Lobsterwoman!
Unless otherwise directed in a recipe, muffins cups should only be fill 2/3's of the way (same goes for cupcakes). You should also check your oven temp - 375 is the norm though some recipes will push the heat up or down. Pop a thermometer (the mercury loaded kind is the best) in your oven and double check that it's up to temperature.
Reducing the amount in each cup and double checking your oven temp should solve your flat-top issue!