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mingling flavors in cookie tins?

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We give tins of cookies to neighbors and coworkers every year, and this year I'd like to make a broader range of flavors. Here's what I typically include: crescents, candy canes, rolled sugar, fudge, caramels, spritz, thumbprints, a decadent bar, chocolate covered pretzels, and 1 or 2 new recipes. I'd like to add mint, mocha, lemon, or orange flavors, but I'm worried that within a day, all the cookies in the tin would more or less taste like the strongest flavor. I pack the tins in 2 layers with the fudge and sturdier cookies on the bottom (each type is either in a muffin cup or individual cookies are in smaller cups like Reese's wrappers), then a paper doily, then another layer of cookie cups with caramels (wrapped) scattered across the top. It's quite festive, and for our coworkers they don't last longer than a day anyway, but our neighbors have small families and try to spread the cookie orgy over several days, hence the worry about flavor mixtures. Does anyone else do this? Should I bag each variety separately? Would wrapping in plastic wrap suffice? I really like the look (and accessibility) of unwrapped cookies, but does this limit me to mild flavors?

Any help/advice would be appreciated!

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Hi newthumb .. I sure wish I was on your cookie-giving list!!! This sounds like an amazing and broad assortment. You certainly do put a ton of effort and expense into this project and I'm sure the recipients are all VERY appreciative!
I don't claim to be the "Miss Manners" of cookie swamps and giving but I have been giving and getting for more than a few seasons so... I think it's up to the "getters" to separate them out and stow in zipper bags, if they so chose. Your presentation sounds stunning and shouldn't be compromised. I'm assuming that you are packaging the cookies as close to giving-time as possible and, while there will be some co-mingling of flavors, it shouldn't ruin any cookie.

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Hi Abigail,
Great! It is a lot of work, but it's so enjoyable that we don't mind at all (my husband helps a lot!). We keep each type in separate containers and then pack the tins right before delivery. Now I just need to decide on a couple of new recipes to try this year.

Thanks for the feedback!