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Meringue for Christmas Dinner

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Hello ...When I make pavlova in the summer, I top it with whip cream & then strawberries. Given I won't be able to find local strawberries (I live in Ontario, Canada) at this time of year, does anyone have any suggestions as alternates to the berries? My adult sons love the meringue.


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Hi Teeseey21
I too am a huge fan of Pavlova! So much so that I included one in my newest Kids Cookbook. In my opinion it is one of the crown jewels of Down-Under baking!

The natural winter 'switch-ins" for fresh berries are mangoes, papayas and passion fruit. Do you have any of these at your grocery store? If so.. consider folding in a bit of passion fruit into your whipped cream and topping with sliced papaya and/or mango along with some ripe starfruit and kiwi.
Really pretty, delicious and very authentic!