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making dough in food processor

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The almond cookies dough that was made in the food processor worked beautifully.  Is there any reason why other types of cookie dough cannot be made in the processor too?  If not, what are the limitations?

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Hi there..
Great question! The food processor can NOT be used in place of a hand-held or stand mixer unless directed in the recipe!!

Recipes that use a creamed method will not get the same level of aeration in a process and your baked results will certainly suffer.

Recipes that use chilled butter and a "cut-in and quick blend' method, like my rugelach cookies, are fine for processor as they rely on quick blending and not aeration. Also.. some macaroon cookies - especially those made with almond paste work well in a processor as they are moist and chewy and not light and airy.
I hope this is helpful!

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Thanks!  I thought that was the case, but I just wanted tobe sure.