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I used to have a recipe for lace cookies.  I mixed all the ingredients in a pot on the stove then spooned it onto foil.  As it cooked the mixture spread out into very thin lovely crisp cookies.  There was NO oat meas, I there was butter, a very little amount of flour, chopped nuts, brown sugar, and I don't remember what else.  If you could provide the correct list of ingredients and instructions, I would be a happy gal.  Thanks, Loads.  byrdsnest

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The recipe that comes instantly to mind is Elinor Klivans' in issue #44.
The instructions are terrific and there are lots of pix for reference.
I'm not an expert on the FC website but, I think you can access the recipe if you sign up. Here's the link to the recipe page:

--Forgive me if this link doesn't work. It's my first attempt to include a link and as it's Saturday, the office is closed so I'm flying solo hehere!!

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Thanks ADodge, I will attempt to try the web site.  byrdsnest

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The FC website is a terrific tool and it's really easy to use. Fine Cooking at your fingertips!!!