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How do I keep it all together?

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I just made the dough for the Chocolate dipped expresso shortbread cookies.  (In the Cookies edition) After making the dough, I find that I can't keep the dough together. I followed the directions explicitly, and am baffled!  I am an experienced cook so I should have had more success with this... HELP!



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Hi Gertyk.. Let me take a look at the recipe and I'll get right back to you -- sorry about the delayed response -- internet troubles!

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Hi gertyk..
I'm having trouble locating the recipe .. FC folks are helping out so please bear with us!

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Sounds like the same problem I had w/ the 'Almond Dough' P.16.  I have been doing cookies for many years and always used my mixer, this was the first w/ the processor!

I am baffled and back to the mixer!!  but would love to rescue the dough.

Best luck and Happy holidays!



I misread the 12 oz. of butter and only used 12 TBLspoons of butter!!!  correcting my mistake gave me a great batter- soon to be cookies!!

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