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Hi Abby.
My biggest problem is always winnowing down the list of recipes I want to make to a list short enough that I actually have the time to make. It's really hard to decide which ones to keep and which to skip.

My question for you, if you had to choose, say half a dozen recipes, what are your favorites? How would you select cookies with an eye towards creating a gift assortment?

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Hi Cooki!
I share your pain! With so many wonderful cookie recipes at our fingertips, it is almost impossible to NOT make 'em all but no one has unlimited time, budgets and waistlines!
My best advise for creating an all-star line up is to 'script it out' well in advance. This way you have a set plan before you head into the kitchen where all that flour, sugar and chocolate, etc can tempt you to over bake.
Like I did with the cookie story in the last issue, I always begin with a few standard categories: a killer chocolate one, a cut-out for decorating, a bar cookie, a real kid pleaser, a grown-up treat, one that makes a zillion like a slice n' bake, a perfect cookie for gifts. The next step is to be sure that at least half of this assortment can be made ahead -- otherwise you'll go crazy. A variety of flavors is essential. I divide up my fave flaves throughout my mix- - nuts, citrus, ginger, spice, jam are a few thoughts. Assorted textures are important too though they tend to sort themselves out as I tag flavors to cookie styles but,if you have specifics in mind, mark them down.

Then comes the hard part -- sifting through the recipe files and choosing your must-haves! It's always tempting to go with the usual classics that I make year after but I try my best to only choose 2 faves from years' past. This way, there are some delicious surprises on the plate ever year.

My top six cookies for this year? yikes.. ok.. here goes.. From issue #89:Chocolate Crackles (some with orange zest and white chocolate and some with espresso powder and bittersweet chunks -- just to please everyone. Freeze the dough in balls now and bake later); Gingerbread Biscotti from issue #75 (they're erfect for long term storage); Chocolate Chip Double Deckers (from the weekend baker -- similar to the macadamia deckers in #89 -- they're a terrific pack n'send and they freeze beautifully); Coffee Thins from issue #24( a loooong time adult fave and the logs can be made a frozen way ahead),Lemon Cornmeal Shortbread Bars (issue #68) and for a cutout & decorate cookie, I'd go with either the Cardamom-Honey (issue #89) or Lavender Cut-Outs (omit lemon zest and add 1 tablespoon finely crushed dried lavender to Sugar Cookies, issue #89).. Phew! This was close to impossible as there have been so many wonderful cookies in FC like Joanne Chang's (#30 -- the chocolate pistachios are devine!) and Alice Medrich's (# 75) to name just a few.

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The cardamom-honey cookies are on my list this year. Somehow I've missed the lemon cornmeal shortbread bars. I'm so glad I asked. I'm going to add them as well.