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Holiday Cookie Baking

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I made a batch of Toffee-Chocolate Candy by Susie Middleton (F.C. 61). When I went to break/chop the toffee into pieces, the chocolate layer separated from the toffee layer with virtually every piece.

I made three deviations from the recipe: 1. I doubled it, using a jelly roll pan instead of the 9x11 inch baking pan. 2. I melted the chocolate in a double boiler as opposed to putting the chopped chocolate directly onto the hot toffee and letting the heat of the toffee melt the chocolate. 3. I forgot to add the vanilla in the pot, so I swirled it into the toffee in the sheet pan as soon as I realized my mistake -- this was immediately after the hot toffee went into the sheet pan. (oops!)

I plan to attempt another batch, but do you have any ideas why the chocolate layer separated? Did I allow the toffee layer to cool too much before pouring on the melted chocolate?

I appreciate your ideas!


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I've made this recipe every year since it first appeared -- without any problem. Like you, I didn't have the pan specified and used a slightly different size. But I did just dump the chopped chocolate over the toffee and cover with a cookie sheet to contain the heat. After a couple of minutes, I removed the cookie sheet, spread the chocolate around, sprinkled with chopped nuts, and popped the pan into the fridge.

Last year I drizzled some melted white chocolate over the dark chocolate for extra drama and I always make a separate pan with just milk chocolate for my brother. No problems with any of these chocolates separating from the toffee.

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I love this recipe from Susie!
As you suspect, your choco-separation comes from the toffee/chocolate temperature. I'd save yourself the trouble and dirty dishes of melting the chocolate separately and add the chopped chocolate to the hot toffee just as Susie suggests. This way the chocolate melts and forms a solid bond with the hot toffee and your separation issues will be a thing of the past.

ps I just checked in with Susie and she agrees that melting the chocolate directly on the toffee should solve this problem. She also mentioned that while the recipe says to let the toffee cool 2 minutes but depending on the room temperature, this can be too long. If your kitchen is on the cold side (like mine), let the toffee cool 1 minute and then add the chocolate.

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