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Holiday Black and Whites

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Abigail - I've finally found a good tasting Black and White cookie recipe that I'd like to adapt for holidays.  The trouble is the recipe is moist and not suitable to rolling out.  It calls for 1.25 c flour and 1.25 c cake flour, 2 eggs and 1/2 c milk.  Can I add a few tablespoons more flour, chill and roll out?  Or do you have another alternative?  Thanks.

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Hi Red Apron,
I could use a bit more info in order to help you out.
I think of a "blk and wht" cookie as a cake-like cookie base with a glossy frosting - half white and half chocolate. Is this the type of recipe you are starting with?
And.. would you describe the type of cookie you'd like to make for the holidays? It sounds like you are looking for a "cut-out" cookie recipe, yes? If so, you're best to look to a different recipe. But.. I'll hold off on further comments until I get a bit more info from you!

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I was trying to avoid using a cut out or sugar cookie recipe as I am striving for the thicker, cake like base of black and white but want it perfectly round shape and will decorate with colored glossy icings to look like Christmas tree ornaments.

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Sounds beautiful but... tricky to do with this type of batter.
I'd suggest you stick with your tried and try batter and use molded pans with holiday shapes. They are similar to muffin top pans and you can find them on line or at your local cooking shop.
Again.. sounds beautiful AND delish!