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Golden Almond Biscotti

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To the cookie expert:

I have been baking these biscotti for several years, however this year the end result was not the same.  Generally they are crispy and hard, but good, this year they had a soft bite.  Cooking times, oven, cookie sheets were all same, the only difference was the flour.  Not sure what type of flour I used last year, but this year it was King Arthur, unbleached all purpose.  I am going to make them again this Sat. and would like them to RIGHT!  The recipe came from one of Fine Cooking issues.  Can you help me?

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I love this Kathleen Weber recipe from Issue #54. My initial thought is that you might need to increase the second baking time to reach the desired crispness. But, I haven't made this recipe in a while so I'll take a closer look at the recipe and get back to you this afternoon.

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After reading through again and assuming that you measured your liquids correctly, I'm confident that your baking time just needs to be upped a bit in order to match the doneness test. Have you checked your oven temp? It's possible that you oven is off a bit so the cookies are baking more slowly. Also, make sure not to over-coat the cookies with the egg white - this can also through off your baking time. The bottom line is to follow your doneness test and bake 'em a bit longer if need be.