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Gingerbread Biscotti as dough to roll?

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Hi Abby,
I'm just finishing a batch of your ginger snaps for a cookie exchange on Monday. They're great.

My questions are about another ginger recipe - the gingerbread biscotti. I made them earlier this week for a party and they didn't behave the way I was expecting. I formed them into logs roughly 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 inches like you said, but they spread quite a bit more than I thought they would. And I've just purchased an oven thermometer to see if my oven is running a bit cooler, as they weren't even close to being crispy after 40+ minutes. I ended up baking a few of the pieces a 3rd time. How much are they supposed to spread? I just checked my oven, and indeed, it's running 25 degrees cooler. Just as I figured.

My second question is about modifying the recipe (because the flavor is just delicious) to substitute for my traditional inedible gingerbread house recipe. I've made pretty elaborate structures (thanks to my background in FHB) in the past few years with a recipe that rolls out well and bakes up firm. But the kids don't even want to eat it - just the candy! Can I add more flour to make it firm up and roll out?

What do you think?

Sarah R (former FCer)

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Hey Sarah!
Good for you for getting an oven thermometer -- I wish everyone would buy at least one! As you guessed, the cooler temperature allowed the logs to spread more before setting up. So, until you can get the repair guy out to re-calibrate your ovens, you'll need to increase you oven temps by 25 degrees and, keep using that thermometer.

I like your idea of using the biscotti dough for gingerbread houses. I'm a bit concerned that the nuts and the dried fruit will make lumpy and unsightly walls. I also can't advise you on an exact amount of flour to use - I can only guess it will be a lot. How about adjusting the spices in your gingerbread recipe? Compare the two recipes and increase/ decrease the spices in your recipe. This way, you are assured walls of steel and they might just be a bit tastier this year. That said, it's my experience that the best part of the gingerbread house is the decorations!! And, speaking of gingerbread houses, I'm off this afternoon to teach a group of 20 6-year olds the fine art of mini houses! Wish me luck.