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Season's Greetings to all

I want to make chocolate truffles to carry to a friend's home for a dinner party. Should I make the truffles in the morning start to finish, i.e. filling, ganache and toppings (nuts etc), refrigerate them and take them to the party, or should I do the filling and ganache refrigerate them, and then roll them in the nuts etc at my friend's home

Thank You

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HI Vanillagirl 1.. bringing homemade Truffles??? What a great guest and friend you are! By all means, complete the truffles at home - just be sure to stow them in a air-tight container in your fridge so they don't pick-up any unwanted flavors. Chocolate truffles are most flavorful when served ever so slightly chilled or at room temp so remember to take them out of the fridge about 30 minutes before serving. YUM!!