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Cheesecake questions

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Hi Abby!
One thing that is on my baking list is a batch of your Kahlua Fudge Bites! They are so good!

I have a question about your Triple Chocolate Cheesecake recipe (in the Chocolate special edition of Fine Cooking). I am baking two cheesecakes for our church staff dinner on Thursday, one caramel toffee crunch, and your chocolate one. I see that it calls for one tsp of coffee or espresso granules. How strong is the coffee flavor? I would like a noticeable chocolate-mocha flavor, and was thinking of replacing the vanilla extract with Kahlua. Would that be too strong? What about the cheesecake recipe in your Weekend Baker? Would that be a better choice?

Also, how many days ahead can cheesecakes be made (I always make them the day before) without freezing?

Thanks for your help. Have a great holiday!


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Hi Tawni,
First off, Cheesecakes, especially strong flavored ones, keep amazingly well in the fridge for up to 4 days. So,for your Thursday event, I say go ahead and bake away!

Hummm.. asking me to chose between my FC choco cheesecake and my TWB mocho choco is a bit like asking me which child I like better!! That said, the one from the WB will have a stronger coffee/chocolate flavor due to the marbling. BUT!!! You can get a bigger coffee hit from the FC one by adding up to 2 teaspoons instant espresso granules. Feel free to add Kahlua (2 tablespoons) in addition to the vanilla. It won't increase the coffee flavor but it will add a nice boozey warmth!!