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I have baked in different bundit pans, different ovens, and different climates. I've baked from scratch and from cake mixes(doctored up). Sometimes they come out fine but most times they appear to be done in the oven, I test with a tooth pick, and test by pressing lightly, and awaiting for the cake to pull away from the sides. Most times I bake at 325 deg after failing at 350 deg. But once I remove it from the oven and allow to cool 15 min or more there is shrinkage and then when its cut it is gummy like it didn't cook all the way thru about 1/2 inch or less in the middle. Even thought I leave it in until it a very dark bown instead if the light golden brown. Any suggestions in what could cause this or what I'm doing wrong?  Thank you

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It's difficult to give a specific response without knowing your recipe so let me give some general guidelines for best baking results at sea-level.
1. Follow the recipe exactly - ingredients and instructions.
2. Use a scale to weigh your ingredients.
3. Use the baking pan that's called for in the recipe and prepared (butter/flour, for example) as directed.
4. Use an oven thermometer EVERY time you bake and adjust the oven temperature, if necessary,before you start baking.
4. Always bake at the recommended temperature.
5. Use the stated baking time as a guide not a rule. It's the doneness test that's important. Each recipe will have a slightly different doneness test so read carefully.

Once you've mastered a specific recipe, it's ok to experiment. In fact, I encourage it but only after you are 100% comfortable with the original recipe. Also, keep in mind that experimentation is best saved for a lazy afternoon and not the afternoon before your party.