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butter substitute other than Fleischmann

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Wife has lactose intolerance and can't have butter-  have been usung lactose free margerine but chocolate chip cookis have been awful-  any substitutes?

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This is a common issue. It's almost impossible to duplicate the texture and flavor of a favorite cookie recipe using dairy-free margarine. While you might have success using a little vegetable shortening along with the margarine, I think you're better off forgoing the traditional creamed 'butter' version and going with a recipe that begins with melted butter. This way you can try subbing oil or a combo of oil and melted margarine for the butter and then follow the recipe instructions as written. While I haven't tried this myself,the cookie structure should be similar. Are you up for some experimentation? You could try my One-Pot Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Weekend Baker as a starting point or look for a recipe for ANZAC cookies -- they're oatmeal but they start with melted butter and are DELISH! (I have ANZAC cookies in my upcoming book but I'm not allowed to share quite yet :(.....