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Hello, I use my cherished challah recipe to shape bread as a turkey, dreidel ornaments, etc. I often have difficulty with the bread separating after it hits the oven. ( The second rise after shaping is usually about 30-45 mins) I use a egg yolk or whites wash  and this step does not assure a tight design. I bake the bread @ 350. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Susielynn,
Sounds like a great project! There's lots going on with yeast risen dough that could be fueling this trouble. My immediate thoughts are the amount of yeast in your recipe, your second rising time and your oven temp.
If your recipe has a lot of yeast in it, it will be quick to react during rising -- which is good if you're in a hurry but not so much if you are looking to shape. While the dough might appear to be risen properly, it still has more 'room to grow' and therefore will , bust-out when it hits the heat. Rather than monkey around with your yeast amount, I'd suggest you use slightly less dough for your shapes and pay attention to second-rise doneness tests. If your recipe doesn't state specifics, here's the general guideline: Press the dough with a fingertip - it the indent remains, you're ready to bake.

Lastly, I'd suggest you increase your oven temp to 375.

And.. if all else fails, you might seek out a recipe that is specifically designed for the type of intricate shapes you're looking to create.

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Thanks so much. The recipe calls for 3 paks yeast /7-8c. bread flour. Would you suggest trying 2 pks yeast. Also my oven is dying..any suggestions. I looked @ Electrolux and Profile GE as I want roller bearing racks. I've had 2 Dacor that I found to be disappointing.
Your suggestions are great..thanks again and the best wishes for the holidays.

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Hi Susie,
I agree with you.. I'd try cutting back the yeast to 2 pkgs but stick to the same doneness test -- it might take a smidge longer.

What a terrible time of year to have a dying oven! Hopefully, yours will make it through the 2008 baking season! You might consider buying a mercury thermometer to keep track of the oven temp (ps. this is a good idea for EVERYONE and not just those with aging ovens!).

I have Thermador wall ovens that I love -- and they have proven themselves to be consistent performers over the last few years. That said, I do like those roller racks you mention. I don't have any experience with the Electrolux brand (except for a vacuum cleaner somewhere in my past - as I recall, it was wonderful!) but I do know several people - all home bakers - who love their GE Profile ovens.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much. Hope your holiday season is wonderful.