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Bleached versus unbleached white flour

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Can you tell us when you prefer to use bleached flour and/ or unbleached flour for baking cookies?

I noticed that my old family recipes just didn't taste the same when I used unbleached flour. They tasted much drier. When I switched back to bleached, they were more tender, so now I use bleached flour in all my baking. I'd prefer to use the less processed flour, so I wondered if there were any tips you could share for using unbleached flour.


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I develop and test all my recipes using unbleached AP. I use King Arthur unless I'm looking for a more tender crumb that I can't seem to nail w/ my stand-by KA. In that case, I'll switch to Gold Medal which has slightly lower protein. I can also say that I've done side-by-side tastings of the same recipe made w/ both types of flour and only the most discerning palates pick up on the textural difference.

That said, if you like the results your getting using bleached flour in some favorite recipes, I say go for it! Part of the wonderment of treasured family recipes is that moment when everyone sighs and says.. "Ahhh... tastes just like when Mom made them". That's priceless and part of the spirit of Holiday Baking!