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Spam filter won't even let me reply. SO tiresome

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I won't go any further in case this is rejected also. Whatasite. So friendly.

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The fix (post #71624, reply #1 of 2)


There’s a simple fix for this, but because you have multiple user names and email addresses registered, I can’t apply it.

Please pick one user name and one email address to use on this forum; send CooksTalk_Mods a message confirming what it is (then, please use it exclusively). We’ll disable the others and purge the system of the duplicate email addresses so the fix can be applied.


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Thank you. I don't really (post #71624, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you. I don't really care that much. I could post the very next time I came as I can now.  I will point out to you (  as I did when Robyn pretty sarcastically said "which name you have so many", and then never came back for an answer) that I have the multiple registrations because the site wouldn't recognize my password when reset, or my "secret" question when I gave the correct answer.

But I do have to wonder if it happens to just a "passerby" who comes with a question or response, and gets run off.

You fixed this one pretty well for me. The one on Knots doesn't work and I can't get on there reliably. It is a wonky site you have "designed".