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Reverse Problem: never get notified

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Although I check the box, I never get notified via email when there is a new post. This is very important, otherwise I do not check. Please help.

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Does anyone from the magazine read this? (post #71600, reply #1 of 2)


I would be willing to be very active with this site.   Even though I click the box that says "notify me when new comments are posted, I never hear anything.  But if I go to the site, there are new messages. No wonder so few people are writing.  A person has to get that email saying there are messages in Cooks Talk. Why does the program not do this automatically the way other programs do?  I expect an email reply to this if you care about your magazine. Please.  I love Fine Cooking.  

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Gotcha, Carol, The (post #71600, reply #2 of 2)

Gotcha, Carol,

The reliability of notifications in general, since there are a couple bugs related to them, is something our team is looking at now.

Thanks for reporting what you’ve experienced.

P.S. And, thanks for loving the magazine, of course!