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Where's the Beets

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Just received the Oct/Nov issue.  The opening by Jeanne Kelley about her experience with the "shiney, dark purple slices" that "tasted tender, moist, and full of sweet, earthy flavor" sure got my mouth watering.  But I was most disappointed that there were no recipes to back it up.  The first was using beet greens.  The secons was golden beets with greens; then the nice cake.  The last with sauteed beets and beet greens left me frustrated as it stated that "you'll need more greens than the fout beets".  Where is the recipe for the "shiney dark purple slices"?   I am beinning to think Cuisine At Home might be the better choice.  At least I haven't been tantelized and than let down.

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A couple of us on CT have enjoyed this one from a previous issue:

I'm actually happy about the recipes including greens-- the person I share my CSA with loves beets, but won't eat the greens.  That soup looks great-- but then I am a sucker for anything with a poached egg!


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found 'em (post #71511, reply #2 of 2)

Hey, it looks like the "shiny dark purple slices" were in the online extra!

Made any beet recipes?