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Glancing through my new issue (no. 112), I came across your "On the Web" article on page 9, which tells me if I go to I will find a downloadable chart on how to prep and freeze fruits and vegetables.  Great, I thought, since my garden is inundating me right now.  I can't find this.  Am I missing something? 

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Freezing Fruits & Veggies (post #71436, reply #1 of 1)

Hi Cinmyrs,

You'll find just what you're looking for on our Cook Fresh, Cook Healthy page now, but if it helps make it easier, here are a few links you can grab now:

The Big Freeze: A handy guide for freezing the season's favorites by Abby Dodge (anyone who grows her own food should read this).

And here's that PDF chart with instructions for prepping and freezing 20 different fruits and vegetables.

Also, check out any of the videos from our Homegrown/Homemade series, a partnership we have with Fine Gardening magazine (I'll share the tomato series here since—in a good year—people can get overwhelmed and start giving their tomoatoes away to anyone who'll take them). Seems you've got the gardening part down, but could use some delicious ways to eat up your bounty now.

Happy growing, freezing, and cooking!