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Unsafe Glass Bakeware

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It was rather surprising to see that the review of loaf pans in the April/May 2011, issue #110 of Fine Cooking recommended a Pyrex Easy Grab loaf dish. The January 2011 issue of Consumer Reports contained a disturbing report on American-made glass bakeware, indicating that newer glass bakeware is made of soda lime glass (also used for bottles and ordinary glassware) which is more sensitive to temperature changes and more likely to shatter and even cause injury than older glass bakeware, which was made of more expensive-to-produce borosilicate glass, which is stronger and more resistant to temperature changes. 

The two types of glass are distinguishable because soda lime glass has a greenish cast along its edges while borosilicate glass is clear. (You can see the greenish cast in the small photo in your article.) The Consumer Reports article recommended extreme care when using glass bakeware made of soda lime glass and also noted that European-made glass bakeware is still made of borosilicate glass. They also suggested reporting any incidents of shattering to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

It seems to me that the low price of soda lime glass bakeware does not merit the risk entailed by using it. Nor does it merit a recommendation in Fine Cooking in my opinion.

Lynn Tedder

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In my opinion, a lot of these mishaps are by misuse.  The 'new' pyrex have been around for years, and I'd buy it if I needed more.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Thank you for running that (post #71091, reply #2 of 3)

Thank you for running that down. I meant to check it.

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I don't have the article by (post #71091, reply #3 of 3)

I don't have the article by me but read it last night.  They have a couple of different type pans, pyrex was top for the glass.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!