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Tweak for threads

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Tweak for threads (post #70336)

Maybe now that some threads are getting quite long, it is more apparent how irritating scrolling and scrolling to

find get to the end and SEE the "new" post is.  On another board that has this format and has threads that are hundreds long
there is a link at the top that says "jump to last post" and takes you there.  Of course, IF there is a "new" en route to the end, you miss
it.  Of course, reading "posts new to me" would SOLVE all the problems of scrolling.

Anyway, just a thought.

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New. . .since last login (post #70336, reply #1 of 16)


When you come to the forum, if you’re already logged in and your name appears in the Home box, log out and then log back in as a way to refresh New. Think of New as “new since my last login” and login fresh with each visit. Give it a try. This is not akin to some IT guy telling you to turn your computer off and on; logging in fresh each visit really works!

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Where is the "home (post #70336, reply #2 of 16)

Where is the "home box".  My name doesn't appear anywhere, but I am logged in.

Why should I have to do that convoluted thing--which I don't even understand.  YOu "might" pay attention to the suggestion I made.


Oh, and since I "have" you, it is interesting that the FC home recognizes me and lets me access my account there, which I cannot do here. I am re-registered HERE with a new email address, which the FCHOMe does NOT recognize.

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The "Home Box" is up to the (post #70336, reply #3 of 16)

  • The "Home Box" is up to the left on my screen and my name is just at the top of it.
  • Home
  • Post New
  • My Profile
  • My Inbox
  • My Bookmarks
  • Members
  • Recent Posts
  • Recent Replies
  • FAQ
  • Log Out
  • And you're wasting your "breath" trying to convince her or anyone on the staff that this is an unwieldy mess that can only be fixed by scrapping it entirely and starting all over.  It ain't gonna happen in my life time or yours. They don't want to do it.  Period.

    Harebrained lagomorph, prestidigitations exist for pre-adolescents.

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    Well, this is really (post #70336, reply #4 of 16)

    Well, this is really hilarious. I might even think that Robyn was trying to get me to log out because she knows my problems of logging in. AND indeed, now I cannot log in using my new registration (because I had a change in email address).   So now I'm wondering what magical thing I should see by logging in that makes this site easier to use.   Ummmm "none"?!!!

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    A possible breakthrough (post #70336, reply #5 of 16)


    You might think it, and you’d be wrong. I have good intentions, so you can assume I’m trying to help. If you want it.

    Here goes: Each screen name is associated with a single email address. If you changed email addresses and want your screen name “Gretchen” to be associated with the new email, you should’ve been able to change it by editing your profile. However, if your new screen name “GretchenTHE FIRST” is already associated with the new email, we have a little work to do because, like I said, one screen name to one email address. “Gretchen” and “GretchenTHE FIRST” cannot both be associated with the new email. Confirm that you want your screen name “Gretchen” associated with your new email address and we’ll make it happen.

    Next, if you don’t see your name in your Home box, you are not logged in to CooksTalk. Perhaps you’re logged in to, but the forum is on a different platform (or section of the site, if it’s easier to think of it like that), so you need to login here as well—if you want the forum to recognize you and refresh New. It’s not especially convoluted once you understand how it works; if it helps to know, that’s how it is on other Taunton forums as well.   

    Your suggestion. . .Good news: You already have the ability to jump to the last comment in any given thread. In the bar right under the original post, change “Threaded list” to “Flat list.” The posts will then be in chronological order (assuming you want to read the oldest first). Click “last” at the bottom of the page to go to the most recent comment.

    P.S. Yesterday all of the forums were down intermittently toward the end of the day. Everybody who was trying to post during one of the down times got an error. Depending on timing, it’s possible the outage contributed to your issues, but that aside, really understanding how login works could help ease (maybe even eliminate?) some of your frustrations with the forum.

    P.P.S. I moved this to the Feedback on CooksTalk folder; let’s save Feedback on Fine Cooking for the magazine.


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    Flat list (post #70336, reply #6 of 16)

    "Your suggestion. . .Good news: You already have the ability to jump to the last comment in any given thread. In the bar right under the original post, change “Threaded list” to “Flat list.” The posts will then be in chronological order (assuming you want to read the oldest first). Click “last” at the bottom of the page to go to the most recent comment."

    Isn't that one of the things that folks really wanted-- a chronological list?  That is great-- now when a thread gets long, I can just convert it to flat and all the new posts will fall to the end.  Right?  I am also enjoying the ability to reverse order (i.e. "Newest first")-- that way I don't have to scroll to the bottom.  Is that new-- I don't remember seeing those little options before.  


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    Threaded vs. Flat View (post #70336, reply #7 of 16)

    This feature isn’t especially new. We added it in March so people could customize how they view the forum. (The update was listed in the Status Box for a while). Some people really like the threaded view, others just want a straight list down the page. There are advantages to both, and like you, I switch around depending on the length of a thread. You probably just never got around to playing with those buttons because you’re too busy cooking the issues (extra points for adding the umbrella to your Barbary Swizzle, by the way!). 

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    New to me at least... (post #70336, reply #12 of 16)

    Hey Robyn,

      Well, I'm glad Gretchen asked and you answered-- I like the reverse chronological view a lot for threads I am following and the threaded for short threads I'm not following.

      As for the Barbary Swizzle, that was one tasty, refreshing drink.  The cocktail accessories (umbrella and swizzle stick) all had to be reclaimed from my 5-year-old.  This is the first time the swizzle stick has actually been in a drink, it has been a magic wand for over a year, and I think Polly Pockets took the umbrella out in the wind, that little minx.


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    woo (post #70336, reply #15 of 16)

    Hey Robyn,  I am just enjoying the reverse chronological flat view of threads-- the new posts just rise to the top!


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    Glad to hear it, Pie! (post #70336, reply #16 of 16)

    Glad to hear it, Pie!

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    Click "last" at the bottom of the page (post #70336, reply #8 of 16)

    bar right under the original post, change “Threaded list” to “Flat list.” The posts will then be in chronological order (assuming you want to read the oldest first). Click “last” at the bottom of the page to go to the most recent comment.


    I must be missing something - - - Where is "last" at the bottom of the page?  What page?

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    Multi-page threads (post #70336, reply #9 of 16)

    You'll only see "last" or a listing of subsequent page numbers IF indeed the thread goes on to a second page. If there’s no second page, you’re seeing all the comments there are. In the same bar I mentioned under the original post, you can decide how many comments you want to see at once. I have mine set to 10.

    Here's an example from a recent thread in the "Cooking Discussion" folder. There are more than 10 commments (my setting) so the eleventh comment goes to the second page for me.

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    Now I understand.  Thanks for (post #70336, reply #10 of 16)

    Now I understand.  Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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    No problem (post #70336, reply #11 of 16)

    No problem. Any time.

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    Robyne, Re the logging out (post #70336, reply #13 of 16)

    Robyne, Re the logging out thing with me and you--it was a little joke.  Sorry I forgot the smiley, but I thought .......  anyway.

    Well, wonder of wonders, I can now log in (which I haven't been able to on IE--was using Mozilla--under the original name and old email. HOWEVER, the NEW registration under my now current email and new name does not work. And even though I answered the security question correctly, it was judged to be wrong.

    'way too much. I'm done.

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    Sorry, Gretchen. . .I'm not (post #70336, reply #14 of 16)

    Sorry, Gretchen. . .I'm not used to you joking with me. Plus, I'm very literal so lots of jokes fly by. 

    I wish I could help you with your login issues. A browser shouldn't effect whether or not you can login; I'm not sure why yours randomly does. 

    If you ever change your mind about "way too much, I'm done" I'm open.