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We followed the entire Fine Cooking Thanksgiving menu and everything was fabulous. Throughout the entire meal, we and our guests kept; ummming & yummming!

That said, we did find our gravy and Turkey a bit on the salty side. I assume this is because of the brine process. Perhaps we missed something, or can you suggest how to avoid this next time aroung. We were not able to find Juniper berries anywhere, and didn't have time to order them. Perhaps in the test kitchen you can recommend substitues for those hard-to-come-by ingredients.

Thanks Fine Cooking for the awesome receipes, and for contributing to our most enjoyable and very delicious Thanksgiving.


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I heard the same thing last year from my friend who went through the whole brining thing. She said that her gravy was ruined. She has cooked a lot of turkeys.

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I've brined at least a dozen turkeys and the gravy has always been perfectly delicious.

Is it possible your friend used table salt instead of kosher salt, without adjusting the measurements?

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That would have surely done it!  Mean's recipe also involved heating the sugar and Kosher salt to make sure they were dissolved before brining. 

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Hi ParadiseCafe--

We also cooked from that issue. Our turkey was perfect. But the green beans and the pumpkin pie were the surprise hits. For a family that expects certain things for the big dinner the beans were gobbled up by all including little kids. The pumpkin had a fresh taste, the pumpkin didn't taste cooked as it can. Next year I will take the trouble to grind fresh spices as all I had on hand was whole nutmeg.

A great dinner we had.

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Did you use the nutmeg?


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I grated the nutmeg fresh and the rest of the spices were fairly fresh Penzy's brand from the jar. Fresh grated nutmeg has a whole different dimension to the flavor. Worth the extra step since I bought a new rasp.

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Absolutely agree. The Microplane does it just fine.


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We didn't brine the turkey and all, but my daughter made all the sides and they were fabulous!