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search function (post #71590)

I wish that FC would create a usable recipe search function.   Here's a scenario, for instance.  Tonight I have an eggplant I want to use.  I want to incorporate it into an Asian meal.  I go to "recipes" and hit "Asian".  Okay so far.  But I can't search within the copious results.  There's a stupid list of words to the right, but of course one of them is NOT eggplant.   The item that I want is almost never there, it seems.  Sure those are the COMMON words, but if I wanted something COMMON I probably wouldn't be searching, now would I????  

You know, we do PAY for this service.  Many people have complained about this lack of functionality for several years.  No response.   I think that my subscription to the website is just about reaching its end.

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Asian eggplant (post #71590, reply #1 of 3)

Hi bessiheath,

One thing you could try is to put all your keywords in the little "google custom search" box, which is at the top of the page, next to the orange circle with the white triangle in it.  If you put in "Asian eggplant",  you do come up with a very tasty salad:

If you add a specific Asian country (i.e., "Thai eggplant"), you can get other results:

I've subscribed to FC for many years and there may not be many (or any) more Asian eggplant recipes-- FC's strength is classic, ingredients-driven, seasonal American cooking-- they do not to so much ethnic.  That said, my all-time favorite FC eggplant recipe is this moussaka:


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Improved Search (post #71590, reply #2 of 3)

Hang in there, bessie,

First, thank you for subscribing to the site. We appreciate it.

We are VERY close to launching a completely new Search on the site, and I have no doubt you'll be pleased with it once it's ready. In the meantime, I hope you'll find one of these Asian/eggplant recipes appealing.

More thanks,

The Mods

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new search.... (post #71590, reply #3 of 3)

...woo hoo!  That sounds great, I'm looking forward to it!  I can usually get to what I need with the current search, but improvements would be most welcome.

Also, thanks for the eggplant recipes, I had totally forgotten about that roasted eggplant with peanuts and mint, hmm.