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Schilling for home business in a recipe review

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Schilling for home business in a recipe review (post #70456)

Hope to have the forum moderator pass this on to the correct people-in a review for the Grilled chicken with tomato, lime and cilantro salsa, sent out in the daily FC email, there's a review which directs readers to her business -I find this inappropriate:- Here it is:

  by SpicyAnne, 9/2/2010I hijacked this recipe and used Fig Aged Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in the salasa instead of sugar. It added such a light bright flavor. I also subsituted my Basiks at Home Authentic Southwest Spice Blend instead of just salt and pepper on the chicken. You can find that at, I also got the Fig Balsamic there too!

If you eat pasta and antipasta, are you still hungry?

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Right on... (post #70456, reply #1 of 2)

I agree that shilling is inappropriate-- good call DJ.  One thing-- do delete the link from your post talking about the shill-- otherwise it gives the shill an even higher google rating!


P.S. Edited to add that we also have a shill for Italian vacations in Ipke. 

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Unfortunately no one monitors (post #70456, reply #2 of 2)

Unfortunately no one monitors this forum with any degree of consistency and regularity. You may just have to wait a while until they drop in.