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Salmon - back cover #95

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One pan, salmon sprinkled with lemon zest, salt and pepper, surrounded by leeks and shiitakes. The vegetables get tossed with arugula and lemon juice to make a salad bed for the fish. We loved it.

I took my salmon out at 10 minutes (instead of 15 as suggested) and continued cooking the leeks and mushrooms.

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Funny, I almost made that instead of the pork chop last night!

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I made this last week and it was very nice -- could not have been easier or quicker.

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I made this for dinner tonight and liked it a lot.  Very easy and good. 

I tweaked it a bit, added some red onion and broccoli to the leeks and shiitakes for roasting and used TJ's bagged spring mix in place of arugula.  I put the veggies in the oven while I prepared the salmon fillets to give them a 10-minute head start, which worked out fine.  The warm roasted veggies tossed with the greens were really good.  Served with good bread and wine, the ultimate simple supper. 

I can imagine using this method with other types of fish, even chicken cutlets or sausages, various veggies such as asparagus and cauliflower, and whatever seasoning suits the ingredients.  DH asked if I could do roasted potatoes as part of it, can't think why not, maybe give them a head start. 

I think this one's a keeper.

Cheers, Sue B.

The older I get, the better I was.

Cheers, Sue B.

The older I get, the better I was.