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Positive Feedback & Suggestion for Improvement

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 First, the positive feedback:

  • I wanted to tell you that I've really been enjoying your new "Recipe of the Day" emails. I have made several of them so far, and saved more for future use.
  • Best of all, when I go to print the recipe, it prints out in a font large enough to read.

Thanks for the daily reminder of all the great recipes you've published over the years.

Now for the suggestion for improvement:

This forum appears to be impossible for any new user to find.

  • I think it would help traffic to this forum if you made your Fine Cooking website similar to your Fine Gardening website. There, when you click on discussion it takes you right to the gardening forum.
  • Here, clicking on Cooks Talk gives you a long list of options, with this one labeled Forums. Someone would have to spend a lot of time clicking around your website to understand how Forum was different than the Recipe Exchange and other interactive features. There are people who post there who never post anything here, and vice versa. Perhaps there is a way to merge Forums and Recipe Exchange, strengthening both? 
  • I also think it would increase readership to your blogs if Blogs were its own tab, like it is over at Fine Gardening. I had no idea that you had so many blogs now, until a friend sent me a feature from one of them this week.
  • Long ago and far away, the most current conversation on Cook's Talk used to be prominently featured on your website. Now it is buried on the bottom. How about moving it up for awhile, to generate interest?

This forum is worth saving-please, please promote it!!!  I think that Cooks Talk can once again be the go-to place for cooking advice on the Internet, but not if no one knows about it. 


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Thanks (post #70196, reply #1 of 4)

Dear Marie,

I’m glad you’re finding the new Recipe of the Day (a.k.a. Make it Tonight) emails useful and that they’ve inspired a few dinners at your house already.

Your points about making CooksTalk easier to find are good ones. Indeed, FG is a fine model; I like it too. Sarah and I are constantly talking about ways we can improve how people find content on and met recently with the design/tech team who will help us implement future tweaks to our homepage. It’s an ongoing conversation; we’re happy to add your voice to it.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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And another thing... (post #70196, reply #2 of 4)

Another thing about navigating this website is that (at least on my browser, Chrome for Mac) getting into the Forums is a dead end-- once I am here, clicking on the "Cooks Talk" button (green, whisk and spatula talking) only brings me back here.  But from other parts of the site, clicking on that button gives me the pulldown menu of blogs, etc.  I've always thought that a bit odd.



P.S. For my positive feedback, we are completely loving the Cook the Issue challenge.  We grilled ribs for the first time EVER (what took so long) and they were superb.  Good to be out of my usual rut.

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What did you do with ribs (post #70196, reply #3 of 4)

What did you do with ribs before?

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I'm ashamed to admit... (post #70196, reply #4 of 4)

...that I always ate out when I wanted ribs.  I did make the oven-baked Chinese-style ribs from FC once, but that was it.