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Just got the Oct/Nov issue in the mail.  I thought it felt a bit more like the old style and format, which I liked.  (The color seemed off in some of the pictures in the ragu and chili articles, but it might be difficult to get those right.)  Other than that, many of the recipes looked interesting and there seemed to more of them.

Tauton learned its lesson from the mistake they made with the last editor and the major format change.  Despite the flashier format, the content of the magazine was trendy, but stale, with too many difficult-to-find ingredients, and I think they managed to alienate their core subscribers, probably without creating much in new audience.  I wasn't going to renew my subscription.  Now, I'd like to stick around to see what Ms. Armentrout will do with the magazine.

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Hear, hear!  This issue looks great-- I love the way the photos are incorporated into the layout of the articles.  Also, very readable!!  Enough novelty that I learned about new ingredients (quinces, baharat), without having to chase around for wierd ingredients for too many recipes, plus a great emphasis on fresh ingredients (beets, I love beets).  I like the Make it Tonight with a theme (autumn sides).  

Congratulations to Jennifer Armentrout for moving to the top of the masthead-- and great job by the whole staff!

so cbayse, what will you be cooking first?  Feel free to report back over in the "Cooking Discussion" section!  We are just getting over a hot spell in Chicago, so I am still making ice pops from Issue 112!


P.S. Hey, that is me in the letters column "Popsicle remix"!

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Even though I'm not a (post #71506, reply #2 of 9)

Even though I'm not a Thanksgiving person- don't like turkey- I'm really likeing this issue.  Have the chili recipes tabbed and a couple of other things too.

WTG Jennifer Armentrout!  Back to cooking!


EDIT:  What the hell is this verification thing?   What a PITA.  I'm already logged in, so they should know it's me.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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changes (post #71506, reply #3 of 9)

Hi Adele!  I agree, WTG, JA!  

Hmm, it is probably too late for this year, but I wonder if the much-missed (at least by me) Holiday Baking issue will ever make a return?


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Do you know for sure there (post #71506, reply #4 of 9)

Do you know for sure there won't be one?   Bummer if true.  I have many messy pages in previous years holiday baking issues, esp the one with the chocolate sauce and Cookie Monster's caramels!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Holiday Baking Issue (post #71506, reply #5 of 9)

Hey Adele!

I found the Holiday Baking Issue-- it has been transformed into a special issue, so you have to buy it separately.  I found it at Costco, so I popped for it-- it's nice to have the baking recipes together for inspiration.  The other bad news is that, like other special issues, it is all re-packaged recipes that have been previously published-- including several that were in other special issues (especially the various Cookies/Bars issues), along with the same photos.  Nothing like paying for the same contents three or more times!  

I'm disappointed, especially after the glory that was the old Holiday Baking Issue.  I recommend giving it a pass if you are already a subscriber or have other baking special issues.  Ah, but it's almost time to get some cream and start making Cooki's caramels-- I agree about that particular issue.


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:( (post #71506, reply #6 of 9)

Oh, Pie too bad that it wasn't worth the splurge.  So glad you said this though because I saw the announcement come in my inbox.  I nearly ordered it online until I saw the price for shipping!!!! I wanted the cookies issue too but I wasn't willing to pay $15 for shipping.  I guess I'll have to wait and see when it may come out up here but will be giving the holiday issue a pass now.

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Holiday Baking (post #71506, reply #7 of 9)

Thanks kitchengoddess-- glad to save you the trouble and expense!  Luckily I got it at Costco, so it was 30% off-- not such a big splurge.  I think I will give it as a gift-- I have an aunt who loves to bake, but she hasn't subscribed to FC until recently (when I got her a gift subscription).  The recipes are good overall-- too bad they didn't include that amazing brown butter pumpkin cake though, talk about holiday baking!

On an unrelated note, it's great to have you back-- it was a bit quiet while you were gone.  It's hot here again, but when it cools down a bit, I expect to do a bit more cooking from the new issue-- can't wait!  It's popsicle weather here though!


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Hmm... (post #71506, reply #8 of 9)

I swear I had already replied to this....hmm... maybe the spam filter took me off :O HA!

Thanks! I love seeing your posts too.  The weather has been lovely up to about today when it is getting cooler and it is dark and rainy.

We had a lovely thanksgiving with great weather.  I look forward to trying other recipes from this issue, maybe this weekend. :)

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references to issues (post #71506, reply #9 of 9)

In recipes, the direction is often to a source, such as Fine Cooking 114 , pp. 46-47, but the recipe is not there and may be found in the succeeding issue. This is annoying and is an indication of poor proof reading.