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looking for a link

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not sure if i'm right here, but i'll tryl, goodday'y'all. i was recently drooling through my back issues and found a description of a website were you can share you produce or seeds online. smart as i am i put the issue back in the whole stack and now i can't find it....does anyone now what i'm referring to and help me find it?

big hugs from ellerbek, germany, sanni

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Oh I am not sure about that, (post #70461, reply #1 of 3)

Oh I am not sure about that, maybe go to Fine Gardening and ask around.  I'll keep my ears and eyes open in the mean time.  Let us know what you find.

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Maybe They are one of our sister sites. So is Explore and enjoy!

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    Was it (post #70461, reply #3 of 3)



Was it  there may also be another one affiliated with slow food international, but I can't think of the name.

good luck!