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A little fun thing

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Longtime reader, first-time poster.  I just wanted to share that like many babies, mine loves paper.  But I made sure the very first thing he was set loose with was something truly delicious!  I like to think he's learning to cook by osmosis.  It's never too early, you know!

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baby! (post #71426, reply #1 of 2)

What an adorable baby-- those blue eyes are gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing, that cute little photo made my day.  

Things are so quiet around here that I always assume new posts are spam, so I am pleasantly surprised to find a cute baby instead.

Welcome-- if you can get the magazine away from the baby, some few of us are discussing what we cooked from that issue and the next one over in the "Cooking Discussion" thread.


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thanks! (post #71426, reply #2 of 2)

Oh, I had already scoured the issue before I handed it over and cut out my must-make recipes. :-)  I'll check out the Cooking Discussion thread, thanks!