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Help! Help! Help!

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I love Fine Cooking.  I am using the most current issue right now (December 2011), have made about four of the recipes.  (I once saw someone have a goal to cook the entire magazine one month!!!)   At any rate, I am wondering if there is a place here where  person can discuss the specific recipes from Fine Cooking????  Maybe it is here, and I just cannot find it.


For example, when I made the lasagne, I was shocked by all the fat intertwined in the meat of the short ribs when I had cooled them the next day and was separating them from the bone.  Is this normal, or was it the ones I bought?  Well, that is just one item. Also, I loved the specific directions for toasting the coconut for that delicious German chocolate cake.  Thanks for warning about how fast it would burn, I did check every 2 minutes, as directed.

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In the cooking discussion section (post #71574, reply #1 of 3)

Hi Carol 945,

  In the cooking discussion section almost at the top is where we talk back and forth about the issues, the recipes, the failed attempts, and the successes!

Come join us!

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ribs (post #71574, reply #2 of 3)

Hi Carol, yeah, as kitchengoddess says, we do chat in the cooking discussion section-- often we discuss one issue at a time.  As for your short ribs, they are indeed surrounded by a good bit of fat and other connective tissue.  How did you like the lasagne?  I made the regular cheese one and it was great.


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Yes, short ribs are a very (post #71574, reply #3 of 3)

Yes, short ribs are a very fatty and collagenous piece of meat--which is why they are SO delicious. However, when you choose them, try to get the ones that have the most meat.