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I am so disappointed, and I am wondering if anyone can help me.  I have piles of Fine Cooking magazines, but finally now that I retired, I can really cook. I am cooking everything from the December issue and I am also looking to buy a new gas range. I thought that this website would have all sorts of activity on it, but I post things, and very few people answer.  Now, I do understand because I never get an email message saying, "there is mail in the fine cooking forum" the way I get from other websites I have joined.  So, I don't know if it is the way this website is structured that makes activity quiet, or if it is me.  Any advice would be appreicated. I am just dying to talk to people about the recipes in Fine Cooking!!!  Thanking ahead of time the nice people who have answered my posts.  I know it really does take a lot of time to fool around with these websites.

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It is your choice (post #71598, reply #1 of 5)

Hi there,

 There is a section for posting about kitchen equipment see below baking and holiday baking.  The forum is member driven so you won't see recommendations or comparisons by FC on gas ranges.  You can post on there and ask.  But it is always a good idea to search first before posting to make sure that the question you have hasn't already been answered and also to see if there is a thread where you pick up from.

 Yes, it is true, there are fewer of us.  We lost some people with the re-design but stick with us, we have a lot of fun over here.

As for the notifications you have to choose that.  At the bottom of your post/reply you can select that you want notifications sent to you when people reply or comment on your posts.  It is up to you.  I am grateful for this being optional as I would hate to get multiple messages letting  me know to come over to look if I am not able to :)

I hope this helps.


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help (post #71598, reply #2 of 5)

Hey Carol, 

Like kitchengoddess said, it is a bit quiet here but we do talk more about Fine Cooking than other sites.  There is also a lot of activity on the FC facebook page.  Keep posting, we will talk to you-- your posts have already inspired me to cook more from the Dec/Jan issue!

Cheers, Jen (who wishes her name was Minerva).

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HA! (post #71598, reply #3 of 5)

Oh Pie, that is so sweet! You can name yourself anything you want to here? How about Jezabel? or Tova (like my friend's name)? :)

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Hey Help (post #71598, reply #4 of 5)

I haven't had much time to cook from the issues since before Christmas, but I have a few things in mind from the last 2 issues on my menu plan.  I also have one or two things from past issues that I plan on for tonight or tomorrow and certainly the easy pizza dough is practically a weekly event around here. 

I have so many cookbooks that I like to bounce around a lot and currently thumbing through one of the Canal House books and I've chosen a few Julia and Jacques recipes...I really want Essential Pepin, like I need another book...I posted a picture of a braciole that I made and now I want to make the smaller ones for a sauce that I will be making with the last of my summer fresh tomatoes.

I want to get some baking time in as in bread so I'm looking for some new recipes or ideas still on the hunt. 

I thought at one time there was a box or something to click in your profile to receive notifications, but when I post I never get a notification even if I click the box at say the end of this post. 

So welcome and have fun here.

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Yes (post #71598, reply #5 of 5)

Yes, I have not been getting notifications either. No wonder this this discussion group is so quiet. I NEED notifications!! Could a staff member respond to this?  Maybe a bug in the program needs to be fixed.