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Fine Cooking: Aug/Sept 2011 Issue

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Just received my copy of Fine Cooking, Aug/Sept 2011!  Lovely!  Is Laurie Buckle gone?  I don't see the 'Letter from the Editor" and no editor is listed?

Comments, thoughts, anyone heard who the new editor will be?

Thank you!

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changes... (post #71431, reply #1 of 3)

Hey sommer!

I agree that the new issue is lovely!  It didn't look that different from previous issues, until I did a side-by-side comparison with Issue 110.  Besides the obvious lack of Laurie Buckle, I noticed some real improvements.

First, readibility-- in many spots (most notably the Big Buy section on limes), the fonts are bigger, thicker line (i.e., bold type), and sometimes serif instead of sans serif.  So much easier to read, THANK YOU FC!!!  The only lingering instance of style over readibility was the eggplant article-- the wood background makes the white type really hard to read.

Second, there is much less acreage devoted to photos for the sake of photos.  Comparing the thai curry article in 110 to the paletas article-- the images are still gorgeous, but not spread over so many pages.  The curry article had three whole pages of curry variants, plus a double-page intro photo-- a bit much.  I have subscribed for long enough to remember when the photography in FC was not so great, so I really like the new photos-- but in 112, they seem to be more in the service of the food and writing.

Third, 112 has no "Food for Thought" profile at the end.  I don't miss it-- although that feature seemed to interview interesting people, it didn't really do much for me.  For example, comparing the profile of Sander Katz (the fermentation guy), to the article about him in the New Yorker-- well, I think FC can find something more interesting for the last page.


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She has moved to teh Food (post #71431, reply #2 of 3)

She has moved to teh Food Network Magazine after the makeover of FC--which has met with differing opinions. The Food Network demographic might just be up her alley, after the FC format change.

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Laurie Buckle: Gone as editor (post #71431, reply #3 of 3)

I called Fine Cookng and it was confirmed Laurie is gone!!!!   There is no new editor, as yet.