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Fine Cooking App?

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I keep hoping that FC will put out a smartphone app!  Does anyone know if anything like this in the works? 

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Absolutely. What apps do you want? (post #70116, reply #1 of 19)

We’ve recently made our site more useful on smart phones with our mobile launch (seriously, just a week or so old!) and we’re working on some apps for the fall right now, so stay tuned for those. We have some definite ideas about what we’re going to release, but we absolutely welcome your input. What apps are you hoping to see us develop? How do you use technology to help you cook?



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Fantastic! (post #70116, reply #2 of 19)

How exciting!  I can't wait to  play with it!  I can't tell you how often I'm in the kitchen or at the store and wish I could just quickly pull up a FC recipe on my phone.  I use the website constantly and have a nice collection going of the books and magazines, but I'd appreciate the convenience of being able to pull what I need up on my iphone.  I use several other cooking apps regularly, and because FC is by far my favorite cooking publication, I know I'll use this one as well.  I have a full day of Father's Day cooking lined up for tomorrow, so it should get a good trial run.  I look forward to seeing how it works! 



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I played with the mobile (post #70116, reply #3 of 19)

I played with the mobile version for a little while just now.  Nice.

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IPhone/iPad Apps (post #70116, reply #14 of 19)

I am really looking forward to an app by Fine Cooking. I use my iPhone and iPad a lot and it would be so great to access a recipe while I'm at the store. One feature that I would like is to be able to add a notation to a recipe as I often adjust things to my own preferences e.g halve the chili powder,etc. But I think that this may be too hard to do. Another idea that thought would be good would be to have the DVD archive as an iBook that I can load on my iPad, but I think that an app may be more convenient for searching. theyarnthief
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Fine Cooking Holiday Cooking App (post #70116, reply #15 of 19)

We are very close to releasing our first app. It’ll be a holiday cooking app for the iPad, and it’ll include recipes (of course), videos, slideshows, tips for entertaining, pretty much everything you need to know to pull off a memorable, stress-free holiday meal. We’re putting the finishing touches on it now and are super excited about it. Stay tuned!


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oooh.... (post #70116, reply #16 of 19) I need an iPad.


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iPhone App Functionality (post #70116, reply #4 of 19)

It would be really great to be able to use the website to select a bunch of recipes for the coming weeks meals, or for a party, and then the website would send to the FC iPhone app all of the ingredients in the form of a shopping list.  You should also be able to check things off as you buy them, or add additional items on the website or iPhone app.

Using the website to buid a menu or find recipes is much easier than using a iPhone, but being able to take the breath of infomation on the website suddenly makes the information much more functional when I can easily compile my shopping list on my phone.

While on the phone you should also be able to select a few recipes and have it compile a shopping list on the fly. 

There should be a button on beside each reciepe on the website and iPhone app to have it added to the menu and the ingredients add to the shopping list.

You should also be able to sync you app between you phone and computer as needed.


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Thanks! (post #70116, reply #9 of 19)

Great suggestions here, alonghorn. Thanks very much. Keep em' coming! 

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so, (post #70116, reply #5 of 19)

   The forum...what is going on with the forum?  It's very frustrating.  It's difficult to navigate.  It's time consuming and it's time that I don't have to waste.

  When I worked in project management, we developed product (software) from the outside in.  I am on the outside and I want IN.   there are a lot of people who want in.  It doesn't appear that there is a project.  

  I think the question that we keep asking is whether a user forum is priority for the folks at Taunton publications.   Paid or unpaid.  How about a response.  A plain, non marketing response.  Yes, and this is how we're going to do it or No, it is not a priority and it is what it is.

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I've asked this repeatedly (post #70116, reply #6 of 19)

I've asked this repeatedly as have others, so don't hold your breath. It's NOT going to be answered

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Hi Karen! (post #70116, reply #7 of 19)

I suspect WYSIWYG... but it is not so bad once you get the hang of it.

You are such a great asset to any board, please try and navigate it. I miss chatting w/ you.

PS We missed you at dinner, hope we can plan a nice lunch in the Wine Country soon so we can catch up. 

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 Hi ML! You're way too kind.  (post #70116, reply #12 of 19)

 Hi ML! You're way too kind.  I've been meaning to get a note off to you since that day!  I will gladly take a day off or do lunch in the wine country (Morimoto's place opened in Napa this week) and I hear that Farm UpValley is pretty interesting.  It would be great to see you and anybody who can join in.

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Total Frustration (post #70116, reply #8 of 19)

I hear you.  Recently whenever I post about the site or ask, they just delete my posts.  You would think we were in China.

The whole thing is beyond logic.

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A non marketing response (post #70116, reply #10 of 19)

First, I'm really sorry that you've found the forum frustrating and difficult. Believe me, no one ever wants you to feel like time spent on CooksTalk is wasted.

I'm not a developer, I'm a producer, but I understand what you mean when you say you "developed from the outside in" and I appreciate your "wanting IN." 

The answer to your question is that a user forum is a priority—one priority on a long list—but that the forum also is what it is—for the moment. There are no major changes planned through the summer. The forum has always been free to users, so I'm not sure what you mean by "paid or unpaid." There is a paid membership to (that's our CooksClub, incidentally always a major priority), but it's different from the forum CooksTalk.

If you have specific questions about navigation, please send me a message or post in the Feedback on CooksTalk folder. It'll probably be a better fit there than it is in a thread about apps (there's a priority right there!) and I don't want to highjack this thread or have it turn into an opportunity for rants.

I noticed you've been on CooksTalk a long time. . .8+years. Please don't give up now. I'll do whatever I can to help you find your way around a little better.        

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  Thank you, Robyn I've just (post #70116, reply #11 of 19)

  Thank you, Robyn I've just seen this response and I understand.  It take a team to develop, not just a case thats where most problems happen.   At least if there is a project plan there is hope.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Apps (post #70116, reply #13 of 19)

Hi Amy...I have the new droid incredible and I haven't spent 5 seconds on apps, still so much other stuff to learn and set up, but I coudn't find FC on the Verizon list, maybe soon to come, would be nice.

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suggestions for iPad app (post #70116, reply #17 of 19)

I think it would be nice to have access (through the app) to the recipe folders in our accounts. Through the app, we would be able to pull up a recipe, and have the option to add CERTAIN INGREDIENTS to a grocery list. I mean, most of the time, our pantry contains half of what a recipe calls for anyway. If we have the option to pick and choose (as well as an "add all ingredient" option) I think the app would prove to be much more functional.

There are a ton of awesome grocery list apps out there already--could the FC app perhaps be compatible with those? I would love it if Epicurious would do the same, so you don't end up making a separate grocery list for each cooking/recipe app.

Just some thoughts. Thanks!

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iPad (post #70116, reply #18 of 19)

Please, it is not posible to use many of the applications from fine cooking web page with iPad. I have been trying to use "create your own..." since i got my iPad and it doesn't work! Is there any plan to update the web page? I also support the idea of having the FC archives as iPad application
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Would love a FC app! (post #70116, reply #19 of 19)

If Fine Cooking does create an app, I would ask that it has the schedule feature. I am currently using an app from another site, and the one thing they do not have that I absolutley love about Fine Cooking's site is the scedule, so you can work multiple recipes at once. I am all about time management, and love that you make it easy to create menus with built-in schedules.