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electronic version of magazine

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  I'm pleased and excited to see that there will be an electronic issue available starting this month!   So much so that I resubscribed!  Thanks!

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electronic (post #71668, reply #1 of 17)

Cool, I can't wait-- wonder what it will look like!

Cheers, Jen

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I haven't tried any on my (post #71668, reply #2 of 17)

I haven't tried any on my Kindle, but don't they just look like the print version but you page through it on your device?

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well... (post #71668, reply #3 of 17)

On the ipad at least, there is often added stuff-- for example, Martha has videos, links, etc. The New Yorker has readings, etc.


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Tablet edition coming up (post #71668, reply #4 of 17)

You're right, Jen,

We're putting some finishing touches on our iPad edition(s) right now. There will be extra features, easy ways to Search, watch videos and view slideshows, flip through photo galleries and read text-only versions of articles and recipes for people who just want the very basics--that kind of stuff. It's ever-evolving and very exciting for all of us at FC who have a hand in making them. We want to make sure we're delivering an excellent experience whether you're holding the magazine in your hand or viewing it on a screen, and as you read this, we're 99.999% of the way there.

More to come soon,

CT Mods       

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ipad Edition (post #71668, reply #5 of 17)

Yeah  so looking forward to the new edition!

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thanks.... (post #71668, reply #6 of 17)

...I'm looking forward to it! The hardest part will be getting the iPad away from my daughter. I'll have to move her bedtime up to 6:30, haha. Or maybe we will leaf through and watch the videos together-- she loves those videos. I think we watched the crepe video a half-dozen times!

Cheers, Jen

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update? (post #71668, reply #7 of 17)

Hi there!  Can you give us a progress update on the release of the electronic version of the magazine?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Fine Cooking electronic versions (post #71668, reply #8 of 17)

Sure, Karen,

CooksClub members, that is paid subscribers to, can read digital issues of the magazine here: (sign in and see the "Digital Issues" box/link on the right hand side of the page). That's straight-up the magazine in electronic form.

In terms of downloading enhanced digital issues with Search, and all the extras, videos, and photo galleries to your iPad (and having it in your Newstand to read where ever and whenever), we're this close to going live with those (see two fingers an inch apart). I expect to be back here with a big announcement and links to the Apple store very, very soon. That's two verys. I know!

Thanks for asking, for your interest, and for (I'm sure!) being one of our first readers ready to dive in. We're counting on you.

CT Mods

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Latest issue (post #71668, reply #9 of 17)

Hey, I see the electronic version is out-- at least for issues 117 and 118. I'm looking forward to the launch of 119! The older issues worked great on my ipad (looked beautiful too, easy to read) and I enjoyed the little videos with Julissa Roberts-- she is great! Plus the "make it easy" theme is right up my alley-- I love the tomato-peeling tip and the corn one too. Unfortunately, my silly bundt pan doesn't fit an ear of corn-- clearly I need a new pan.

Cheers, Jen

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Well, thanks Pie and (post #71668, reply #11 of 17)

Well, thanks Pie and Karen!

Call it a "soft launch" for the moment. We're preparing #119 for the iPad today and it will be available VERY soon. Then, expect to see more "big launch"promotion to get the word out to all of our subscribers and CooksClub members that the digital magazine is one of the benefits of subscribing to FC and the web site.

Now. . .if you like what you see so far, do go in and rate it in the store for us!

: )

CT Mods   

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Electronic version (post #71668, reply #12 of 17)


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I was excited to find this (post #71668, reply #10 of 17)

I was excited to find this tonight! looks like it is very well done. 

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Electronic editions (post #71668, reply #13 of 17)

Okay call me brain dead after weeks with children, but FC apps in the ipad store?

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Children! (post #71668, reply #14 of 17)

Spending time with the kids will definitely take it out of you! My kid is back to school this week, so I am on the road to recovering my brain-- but Chicago Public Schools might strike next week, so it's back to craziness.

Anyway, if you go into iTunes, then go to the iTunes store and search for "Fine Cooking", you will find the FC app. Download it and it will load into your Newsstand, which is the basic App with the little bookshelf. Once you click on the FC magazine, you can access the issues-- you will have to provide your subscription number from the label on the magazine, or your login information for the Cooks' Club website-- the login you provide to access recipes.

Let me know if it works for you!

Cheers, Jen

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yes! Free copies for (post #71668, reply #15 of 17)

yes! Free copies for subscribers. Just go to the app store and search fine cooking. I get several magazines on my iPad and so ar, I think that I like the way that this one works better.

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Help! (post #71668, reply #16 of 17)


I downloaded the app, along with those for Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking ( I'm a sucker for Taunton's publications.....and I'm proud to say I have every issue of every publication!) .

I can't get the app to pair with my subscription.  I keep getting "device limit reached".  It isn't a memory problem, because I can continue to access the other magazine's issues and download new ones.

I tried sending a message several times through the app's contact link explaining the problem and asking for assistance, but have recieved no response at all.





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Help is on the way (post #71668, reply #17 of 17)

Hi Ken,

First, thanks for being "a sucker for Taunton's publications." We so appreciate your loyalty.

Now, let's get your iPad issue resolved. . .

File sizes among our magazines can vary considerably, depending on how much video is loaded into the app versus links that send you to our web sites to view videos; when you encountered the problem, it could’ve actually been a memory issue. Having said that, shortly after we went live in the Apple store, iPad 1 users let us know their apps were crashing due to memory issues, so we got to work on a fix to address it. That fix is available now via an update.

Hang tight for the moment, though:  I’ve sent your post to our online customer service team, and someone will follow up with you directly. You may even see a note in your inbox already.

You'll be up and running in no time.

Again, THANK YOU for subscribing year after year. It means a lot to all of us over here.

-CT Mods