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"edible dragees"

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Just wondering...I was looking at the Christmas tree cookies in #96 and it said to decorate with edible dragees. They look so pretty in the picture! Every time I buy dragees, they say "for decoration only, do not eat" althought I know I have eaten them over the years. So I looked in the resources and it gave info on buying the tree cookie cutters, but nothing on the dragees. I searched the Internet for edible dragees, but I found nothing that looked like the pretty green decorations on those Christmas tree cookies. Any ideas out there?


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Don't know from whence you hail (you're profile is blank) but all the dragees were edible for ages. Then a few years back someone (probably at the FDA) got an idea that the gold & silver dragees were dangerous somehow, so they were banned.

Luckily, I was able to pick up tons of containers of them, on CLEARANCE (woo hoo!) and am hording them for special occasions. They are mostly sugar, so will last forever.

I believe when FC is referring to "edible" dragees, they mean any that aren't "metal". Not certain which side of edible the iridescent/mother-of-pearl variety are on.

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They aren't banned. Still available by the truckload, just about anywhere that sells such things. They just say "do not eat" on the packaging (which everyone ignores).

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What Cookiemonster said. From Wikipedia:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers the metallic-finish dragées to be inedible. Early in the 20th century, the silver finish may have contained mercury (it does not now). The sale of these dragées was banned for some time. Although the metallic-finish dragées can be purchased in 49 U.S. states, they are no longer sold in California due to a 2003 lawsuit against several sellers. Now, these dragées are sold with a notice that they are for decorative purposes only. However in other countries (including the United Kingdom) they are classed as food items.

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I remember that Martha did cookies years ago that were completely covered in dragees and then I read that they were banned in California. So I restricted the number we placed on cookies. DDs still warn their friends about the danger of these things :)

The prettiest ones I have are from Dean and Deluca (they're pink, green, and two other colours mixed, I think); a friend knew I'd love them. Dragees do seem to be very expensive for what they are, but I've had a couple of large jars since we moved into this house in 2001, and we bake and decorate quite a few cookies.