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Yoo Hoo--robyn Robyn

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Any other things going to happen or is this it. Inquiring minds WANT to know. It's a waste of time to come. If it's over it's over. Bon Voyage.

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Sorry, Gretchen, There are (post #69732, reply #1 of 3)

Sorry, Gretchen,

There are more updates and fixes to come (I keep saying CooksTalk is ever-evolving). In terms of layout and design, it's true, what you see is what you get (luckily, most people like the brown and the removal of the right-hand column). As far as next-phase fixes and updates go, the usual suspects are still on the list: resolving issues some people have with "new," ability to edit replies and profiles, etc. I can not give you a specific timeline on those.

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When you say most people, is (post #69732, reply #2 of 3)

When you say most people, is that 3 out of the 5 who post here?  Or 4 out of 5?

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AND what about the (post #69732, reply #3 of 3)

AND what about the possibility of reading "new to me" only. Every time this question is asked there is NO answer, or even putting it on a list.

You misconstrued my question entirely about is this it.  You say more is being done. The color is fine. The layout OK. It's the BIG deal of scrolling that isn't going away.  Think of this. If someone posts to a post in the middle of a long thread (I know, no longer likely), and then posts further down in that thread to another post, the "new" goes away, I think, and then scroll scroll scroll.

And since my other post was 3 weeks ago, I assume paging through a new post to you is necessary?  ;o)