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Who's replying to whom?

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I'm checking back here once in a while. Rats, it's still orange.

I'm confused about the organization of replies.
I see in "In Progress" you're working on putting replies in chronological order, which they seem to be. But it also says that there is a link, or will be a link, to the comment you replied to. Does that mean that If I want to know which comment someone is replying to I'll have to go to a separate link to find it? That would be very impractical, a time-waster. Sometimes it doesn't matter who's replying to whom, but sometimes it REALLY matters which comment a reply is referring to.

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It usually matters a LOT to (post #69201, reply #1 of 2)

It usually matters a LOT to me, particularly if the thread is more than an hour old!! And, as you say, a work in progress.

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Hang on for just a little (post #69201, reply #2 of 2)

Hang on for just a little while longer, Syb. It's still confusing right now, but we're in the process of rolling out some changes that will make it A LOT easier to tell who is replying to whom. The links I mentioned in the update box (at right) are not in place yet, but will be shortly. They'll work very much like the old Prospero/Mzinga numbers at the top of posts did.

This is being worked on as I write this. We'll test and roll it out to the community ASAP. (Best guesstimate: a week or so more). I haven't gotten the green light to test yet, but once I do, it means we're very, very close to launching this significant improvement.

Stay tuned!