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We seem to have fallen off the radar AGAIN

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Shall we just declare it finished and done and go on about our business.

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Stick a fork in it, its (post #69946, reply #1 of 12)

Stick a fork in it, its definitely done.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

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Yes - I think that we have (post #69946, reply #2 of 12)

Yes - I think that we have waited long enough.  And, except for Pielove and the occasional visit from people who frequent CTC, this is dead.  If that's what they wanted, they have accomplished it.

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and whoever pielove is, she'd (post #69946, reply #3 of 12)

and whoever pielove is, she'd be welcome to come see what an active and informative place is.

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Thanks... (post #69946, reply #4 of 12)

Thanks Gretchen, I do indeed wander over to CTC-- I just haven't found anything that I feel compelled to reply to yet, so I have just been lurking.  Also, I find the ads really annoying.  I have been gravitating more toward egullet and a Chicago-centric board (LTH forum) as it is really dead around here.  


As to who I am, I used to be iguana-- and if you have a print copy of Issue 105, there is a photo of me and my daughter-- we are (I think) on page 17, the what we're cooking now feature.

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Tracy's Predictions Have Partially Come True (post #69946, reply #5 of 12)

“…The only way to ensure that this forum (and the community that much of us have spent a decade or more building) fails is for all of use to jump ship at the first opportunity.

I've seen it happen before... changes happen on a discussion forum, a band of the faithful strike out for new territory, and the whole thing falls apart within six months, never to be rebuilt again anywhere.

 All I'm saying is be VERY CAREFUL when deciding to create alternative forums.”

The thread can be found here:

Accept it; what you see is what you are going to get here. Not only are they not fixing this site, they are not promoting it. Take a look at the Fine Cooking home page; a new poster would have to be a detective to find this place.  Given the recent demise of Gourmet Magazine and the precarious state of print media in general, I am guessing improving this website is way down their list of priorities. 

You all can either come back, despite features you don't like, as a way of  supporting Fine Cooking Magazine,  or you can spend your energy on your new site so that the rest of Tracy's prediction doesn't come true. 

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NO doubt about it. But the (post #69946, reply #6 of 12)

NO doubt about it. But the features we don't like are "deal breakers".  If we had a thread that had 150 posts to it, which is not too unusual, it would have to be scrolled and scrolled.  They have NEVER said they could, would, or try to fix THAT. There is not enough disposable time in the day to support this style of format, with the interest that the core group has in the forum.

Your prediction has also not come true. It was fine for us to all leave, and welcome to it. New people would come and a new community would spring up.

As MM said, stick a fork in it, it's done.  Robyn comes back about every 3-4 weeks with the same old same old, as was ALSO said.

By the way, Tracy has also given up. Or at least it seems so to me. You're stuck with the naysayers, and naggers.

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By the way, Tracy has also (post #69946, reply #11 of 12)

By the way, Tracy has also given up. Or at least it seems so to me. You're stuck with the naysayers, and naggers.

Gretchen, I like you, and this is going to sound snarky when I truly do not intend it to be so, but you don't speak for me.

I have always been more interested in the people than the neighborhood (so to speak). And the people have clearly moved on.

But I also do not think that the outcome in this whole situation would have been exactly the same had the bulk of the community not, in fact, jumped ship at the earliest opportunity. 

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Sorry, thought I had couched (post #69946, reply #12 of 12)

Sorry, thought I had couched my reply in a way to say, "as I understand you on the Delphi board".  I take it all back. I respectfully disagree with you about the outcome. MANY check in every day, with nothing to say or add. take a look at the list of logins.  And at first MANY more did.

But I am truly sorry I misrepresented your position of loyalty.

Now I'm off to IE so won't be posting.

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I wander over here on a (post #69946, reply #7 of 12)

I wander over here on a weekend now and then just to make sure that status quo continues.  It does.

A  clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
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"You're stuck with the naysayers, and naggers." (post #69946, reply #8 of 12)

So who won and who lost? Isn't that what this has come down to at this point-a power struggle with Robyn, Jason, and all of Taunton?

Do you keep starting threads like this (there have been many) to gloat and say "I won", I told you this site would be dead without us? Your last post seems to imply that. You are right, I predicted new posters would come along, and they haven't. 

Or, did you lose, and despite your self-described nagging, they just don't seem to do what you keep demanding? 

Why in God's name do people keep coming back merely to whine about how bad the site is? Aren't you happy with your new home? This place is what it is, and it has been that way for six months. It is time to either come back or let go and delete the bookmark. 

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BECAUSE Robyn doesn't respond (post #69946, reply #9 of 12)

BECAUSE Robyn doesn't respond unless "called out". Simple answer.

We have what we had--just not with Taunton, and that is too bad, but the magazine has also taken a turn many didn't care for, and although they'll never miss it, subscriptions are gone. It is "way too expensive for the benefits now to me. 

There is very little to let go, but I guess hope sprang eternal. But even you have decided it isn't what you so liked when it was first trotted out.

I can be done.

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Not a power struggle for me at all (post #69946, reply #10 of 12)

This is not a power struggle at all for me. I keep checking because I had hope that place would improve a bit. The last update was more than 2 MONTHS ago, hardly even relevant in a computer age. If this was a paper book with some errors, like some cook books we have all cooked from, I could see that kind of response. But in this on line world....

Anyway, I'm happy to leave this place for you. I hope you enjoy it. I'm very sorry that a good cooking forum has become more about this than food, cooking or sharing, but c'est la vie.