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Taunton Staff: Comment and query

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This forum is not much considering how active, helpful and rich it was before you changed your format. It was a wonderful place for cooks to hang out. It was so active that it almost seemed like instant messaging at times.

Do you have any desire to return the format to a place that people will flock to again? I subscribe to FC, I also subscribe to the online FC and I saw the forum as an important part of buying and enjoying the FC magazine. The magazine isnt nearly as fun anymore without the online FC Community.

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Response (post #70786, reply #1 of 29)

Dear Florida,

First, thank you for subscribing to both the magazine and the Web site. That’s huge for all of us here. To say we appreciate it is an understatement.

I sincerely regret that this forum is no longer as fun or as meaningful to you (and many former regulars) as the old forum was. I wish it were otherwise.

To answer your question: The format of this forum is not likely to change significantly. I’m very sorry that answer is bound to disappoint.


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End of the line? (post #70786, reply #2 of 29)

So how does it feel to the Taunton staff knowing that they are totally responsible for killing off of this once vibrant website? You had your chance to save at least some of it but you chose not to take it. New employment prospects good in your part of the world are they?

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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And I guess it is interesting (post #70786, reply #3 of 29)

And I guess it is interesting to note that they no longer even have a "new" list, since it never works. You just have to see if anyone posted in the last 30 days--oh, wait, maybe last day-- in ANY thread.

And even if it shows that someone DID post since your last visit, it isn't there--as Pielove in baking just now.

It is SO poorly run, it should be put out of its misery.

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Boo hoo (post #70786, reply #10 of 29)

Wow, I feel like i am a dollar late and a dime short. How does that expression go?  I love Fine Cooking, but I was working as middle school teacher with only time to read the mag, not cook from it. Now I am retired, and I am having so much fun cooking but I want to talk to other people about the same recipes. Now I find out, boo hoo,that this used to be exactly the kind of forum I wanted and now it is over!!!  From reading this, it looks like it is not going to change. Please advise me as to a better cooking forum. Problem is I want to to relate to Fine Cooking. I like this magazine so much better than other cooking magazines, because the ads are all cooking related. I hate to find a recipe for chocoate cake and next to it see an ad for deoderant!!!

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to Gretchen and Ashley (post #70786, reply #4 of 29)

I cannot get into CTC-- I've emailed the people, tried and tried for months--something keeps me from being able to even look at the threads, much less participate. Is there another cooking forum you know of and like besides this one and CTC? This one is way to slow to participate in any meaningful way unfortunately. I'll check back in a few days and cross fingers that you have seen this post and answered it?

BTW, I made a killer dinner from Urban Italian by Anthony Carmellini. Its shaped like meatballs but made with scallops, shrimp, breadcrumbs, a bit of cream, wine, clam juice, parsely, garlic, chorizo and onion. Very rich: two were plenty for my blood.

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Cook Talk Challenge is that what you mean? (post #70786, reply #5 of 29)

CTC?  CooksTalk Classic is over at Delphi Forums.

Here is the link to Cook the Issue


Cook The Issue... This has been going on for months/almost a year. Just a few participents for the most part, too sad...Needless to say, we have been cooking  from Fine Cooking Issues, 104 to the current issue, 109.

BTW I like Andrew Carmellini and I make tons of his recipes, not sure who Anthony Carmellini is though. 

My best chicken recipe is from Andrew as is his pork with Grappa.  I think we talked about him at CTC, that is Cooks Talk Classic another site.

Are you not Flcook at Delphi?  I'm confused

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There are 2 cooks from (post #70786, reply #6 of 29)

There are 2 cooks from Florida, well, correct that, there are 2  that post as FLCook in one way or the other.  FLCook and FLCookToo?  Something like that. 

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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That is really odd, can you (post #70786, reply #7 of 29)

That is really odd, can you get to Delphi Forums at all and just not into the CTC forum?

Or you can't get to Delphi at all?


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CTC (post #70786, reply #8 of 29)

Have you tried opening a new email account, like Hotmail or Yahoo and then using it for your responses from Delphi?  And using an entirely new nickname like FLA2cooks or something?


Harebrained lagomorph, prestidigitations exist for pre-adolescents.

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Mine is not working the past (post #70786, reply #9 of 29)

Mine is not working the past day or so from my bookmark but I googled "delphi forums cooks talk classic" and got entrance that way. I also think you have to enable cookies on your computer so check on that for that site.

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2012 Taunton Comments and Queries (post #70786, reply #11 of 29)

I feel the need to bump this discussion up can we get this site to be user friendly again or is it for all intents and purposes, dead?

Well nothing around here has changed for the better and still keeping participants, new and old, away in droves.  While some of the little irks me items (verification etc) are gone the site is still slower than molasses compared to the old format...

Surely you can fire and hire competent techies to get this place back in action, my goodness, just take a look around at other successful sites that old and new FC participants are flocking to and get someone to fix this place. 

3 of us and a newbie now and then (pops in out and gone) is nothing to what the place used to be. Come on you guys get it moving again!

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Please, do you read me? (post #70786, reply #12 of 29)

I would be willing to be very active with this site.   Even though I click the box that says "notify me when new comments are posted, I never hear anything.  But if I go to the site, there are new messages. No wonder so few people are writing.  A person has to get that email saying there are messages in Cooks Talk. Why does the program not do this automatically the way other programs do?  I expect an email reply to this if you care about your magazine. Please.  I love Fine Cooking.  

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The main problem of having a (post #70786, reply #13 of 29)

The main problem of having a feature as is on Delphi, and the old site. of "view new messages" instead of having to scroll through a whole thread is THE sticking point--and is never going to change because apparently this platform will not support that feature. For a short thread like this, it is not impossible. Think about our political threads on Delphi that go to over a hundred posts. Once you are past the first page of posts in a thread here, you do not even know which one is new. THAT is the part that is not user friendly. They chose it--we complained and complained, and as you see, they are "done'.

It's dead and gone. We are happy where we are, gathering new people, having excellent discussions, learning, etc. We were all grateful that it came about from FC, and were sorry the magazined and this site pretty much dismissed a loyal following.

There really isn't any sense for me to come here--I do, but it isn't "anything" any more.

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Response from the Mods (post #70786, reply #14 of 29)

Taunton is currently working with an outside team to troubleshoot the deal-breakers that have caused many regulars to abandon ship. We’re sorry, we do not have a definite date when the improvements will be rolled out. Please know that your participation in the forum is appreciated and we’re working to improve its functionality.

Thank you,

CT Mods

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interesting. It is really (post #70786, reply #15 of 29)

interesting. It is really nice to at least be treated with respect, AND have a real comment on what has been raised. I believe this is a first. Thank you.

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Thanks for the response (post #70786, reply #16 of 29)

And I hope for good changes to come to the FC forum.  I find myself drawn to specific cooking forums for a reason, cooking.  I don't mind socializing, but the main focus and goal for cooking forums like FC should be to promote Fine Cooking magazine and avid hands on participation.   A few of us here still participate and share recipe ideas and outcomes.  I look forward to more of that here as so many sites lose focus and yet others are so "uptight" with limited room for social cooking comments or discussions. 

I recall the days when just mentioning "I got the new issue" stimulated the participants and it was always fun to see who got the issue first across the country, then enthusiastic cooks diving into the magazine contents shared successes, failures, and advice from the more experienced cooks/chef.

We look forward to smooth changes, please keep us informed.

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Excellent! (post #70786, reply #17 of 29)

This is great, please do keep us informed!

Cheers, Jen

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Keeping the community informed (post #70786, reply #18 of 29)

The Mods will keep you informed as much as possible. As a way to manage expectations, however, let’s put it out there that while the forum will undoubtedly improve, there won’t be a fix for every perceived bug.

All web editors from all Taunton sites have participated in meetings with direct quotes from our communities in hand. It goes like this: “Our communities want this feature.” “Our communities used to be able to do X, Y, and Z, and now they can’t.” “Help us understand how ‘New’ works.” “Why do email notifications show up twice?” “What can be done to make threaded conversations legible after the 20th, 50th, and 100th reply?” (You know the issues.)

We use a mostly out-of-the-box version of Drupal to run our forum. The new outside team will help determine how we can work with what we’ve got to give you what you need (improved functionality and a smooth and productive experience on the forum). We anticipate, simply because of the way different browsers behave with Drupal, that there won’t be an applicable fix for every item on our list. Having said that, all of us who work on the forums are excited about the potential for many of our issues to be resolved for the members who’ve stuck with us (we can’t thank you enough!) and those who have yet to find us.

CT Mods          

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Well, I wish you well, and (post #70786, reply #19 of 29)

Well, I wish you well, and you have been the first to be really forthcoming in all this rather than go into defense mode, and make the experience here totally rude. We (the larger group of original posters) have known from the beginning that it is the Drupal platform that apparently doesn't play well with others.  I have to say that I don't think it is so much a question of the browsers ability to work with Drupal, but the latter's inability to offer the features most desired.

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Interesting! (post #70786, reply #20 of 29)

Cool, it is great to hear of progress-- and managing expectations is always good.  I would be interested to know what the recommended Mac browser for Drupal is-- does Safari play better than Chrome, for example.  Just please don't say IE.

I completely agree with Gretchen about the "new" function-- I usually just look at the time and date of the most recent posts to find new content.  I would also be in favor of a re-naming and re-organization of the sub-forums-- I think we have too many now.  

I'm really glad a few of us have stuck around (hi Gretchen, kitchengoddess, and ICD) and look forward to more cooking discussions!  Which reminds me, I made these brownies...

Cheers, Jen

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Browser vs. browser (post #70786, reply #23 of 29)

It gets a little technical, but early feedback is that certain functions the team is testing (still in progress!) behave as expected when using Firefox and Chrome, but haven’t functioned as expected in IE and Safari. That’s why it’s fairly common for one person to experience a problem that another person doesn’t. That can be frustrating when we try to duplicate a bug for diagnostics.

Do please note, this is preliminary. When the team has finished their work, we’ll report back with their recommendations.       

Thanks for staying positive. 

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What is it with "meetings" ? (post #70786, reply #21 of 29)

It wasn't broken to begin with so a new and improved "out of the box" version is senseless as is an explanation of a boxed version of Drupal...we never had issues before.

In layman's terms "potential issues" means exactly what to the " members who've stuck with us".

CTC pretty much carries the socializing aspect of this ex forum, so to move on and maintain beyond that  into what FC is all about, cooking would be a great start, bringing in friends old and new would be a fantastic beginning here. 

Hoping for more improvements soon, and we do know the issues and thanks for some of the changes...still working on e-mail notifications I take it?

Happy New Year!

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Improvements (post #70786, reply #22 of 29)

If you’re talking about the old forum, you’re right. The old forum wasn’t broken, but it was prohibitively expensive, unfortunately. The current forum has long-standing issues (nothing new to you or any other regulars) we’ve wanted to better understand and fix, but hadn’t had the resources to do it until now. We’ve got an outside team on board who will help us do that.  

For your layman’s terms question, it is the potential of the resolution of many of these long-standing issues that has us hopeful about the future of CooksTalk and all Taunton's forums. It’s going to take time, but it is a beginning. One reason we hadn’t made an official update is because we don’t know how long it will take.  

And yes, the team is still working out the issues with email notifications.   

Happy New Year to you, too, and thanks for your feedback.

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Just as a check, is the (post #70786, reply #25 of 29)

Just as a check, is the feature of being able to come to a thread and read ONLY messages I have not previously read a part of the planning process?

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Add me to the list of old (post #70786, reply #24 of 29)

Add me to the list of old timers that would enjoy coming here and finding a welcome. I still take and enjoy the magazine and miss this forum. 


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welcome (post #70786, reply #26 of 29)

Hi Barbara, stop by and chat-- you are always welcome.  We are cooking from the Dec/Jan and Feb/March issues in "Cooking Discussion", and Carol1945 is looking for a good almond cookie recipe in "Baking".  Check out the gorgeous cake kitchengoddess made for her birthday too...

Gretchen, wow.  What browser are you using?  I think you told me before, but I forgot...


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I use IE. I could not care (post #70786, reply #27 of 29)

I use IE. I could not care less about being informed about being informed about messages--never have. The question I asked has to do with the platform's ability to access only certain messages. This format has never done that. It IS what happens on Delphi, and the old forum here.

What do you mean by your  "wow" remark?  It is something we begged for originally, and I just wanted to be sure it was on the new very conciliatory moderators' radar.  They seem to be addressing other much less basic "bugs".  I can work around those with no problem. Login problems are a real problem, but by contacting the webmaster directly, that was worked out for me, but not for Biscuit.

To put it very succinctly, they can fix various "bugs" like email notification, etc. but if they can't change the structure (like the question I asked), people are not coming back. It is not a platform for the style of camaraderie and sharing that we became accustomed to, and have currently on the Delphi forum 

 New members "may" find whatever they do to be more user friendly and draw new people, but it will be sort of "whatever". If they do, that is fine. Old members aren't coming back.

The current moderators are being VERY pleasant and helpful and I appreciate it--as a total turnaround from Jason and Robyn, just to completely name names.

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Read vs. Unread (post #70786, reply #29 of 29)

If what you’re ultimately hoping for is an obvious “read” and “unread” marker like we had with Mzinga, I don’t think we’ll have one. Drupal just doesn’t work like that for us (sorry!). Working notifications and a better understanding of how “New” works will be the best way to follow threads you’re interested in.

Thank you.  

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thanks, I will! (post #70786, reply #28 of 29)

thanks, I will!