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Recent replies is a useless "topic"

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In the spirit of "the emperor has no clothes", the "recent replies" has no use.

It loads SO slowly that by the time it has loaded I can click on every topic to see if there are any new posts--not very likely, I know.

It would be more useful to put   "new" under the topics in the Recent Discussions.

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I agree it is useless. We (post #69606, reply #1 of 3)

I agree it is useless.  But recent posts is equally a waste.

We are all still waiting for the "new" to be displayed under recent discussions.  Why they did away with that I will never know.

I guess it is fix what they want and let the users wait.

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Useless (post #69606, reply #2 of 3)

There are users???

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LOL (post #69606, reply #3 of 3)