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New WYSIWYG Editor

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Hi folks,

You’ll notice new functionality when you go to post a comment or a forum topic. The WYSIWYG editor now let’s you change font size, font color, add hyperlinks, embed images from elsewhere on the web, etc.

We made some other minor tweaks like adding a “Quote” and reply button, fixing the preview button, and adding post numbers like we had in the old forums.

Let us know if anything seems amiss.

Thanks for the feedback.

Taunton Press

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CUTE!   (Jen) (post #71612, reply #1 of 2)



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images (post #71612, reply #2 of 2)

Hi Gina!  Okay, I have an image uploaded to Flickr and I'm trying to insert it into a post.  I click on the "image" icon in the editor and try to paste in either the url or the html/bb code.  Either one gives me a broken image error.

Here's the code


[url=]raisin bread[/url] 


Trying again...

Hey, there it is!  I cut out the red text and inserted it into the "url" box-- aha!  I love being able to embed images rather than attach them!

Cheers, Jen