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May I ask of what use the powers that be think

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the "recent replies"  is?  It is a disjointed list of posts without real context. In otther words, it makes no sense at all.

I particularly find it interesting that this is done de novo .  Was it requested--or was it just thought up.

The color change is better. I guess it will remain to be seen how it all looks in "reply" windows in actual threads I don't think I can find any because the traffic is so nonexistent.

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Recent Replies (post #69496, reply #1 of 4)

I check "Recent Replies" as a way to see what's new at a glance. If I'm interested, I click on one to follow the whole thread. I'm not sure what you mean by, "Was it requested or just thought up?" It's been a feature since we launched the new forum and other than a bug on that page that occured this past week, I haven't heard any complaints about the "Recent Replies" feature being useless. 

Glad you consider the color change an improvement.   

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I think one of the main (post #69496, reply #3 of 4)

I think one of the main points we have almost all been making these many months is that "recent" has little relevance.  What is relevant is "New to me"

As you are probably aware the "new" bug has never been fixed.

If the recent discussions on the left would AUTOMATICALLY display the drop down new stuff and the " # new" would be correct throughout, we would have something.  As it is now, when I log in to the front page there is no way to see what is new withouit clicking and groping.

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I never used it and always (post #69496, reply #4 of 4)

I never used it and always  used the list of topics on the left  that had new replies to decide what I wanted to read. It is useless to me.  Disjointed and an extra thing to sort through. But, of course, now I have to do it that way.

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Recent Replies has always (post #69496, reply #2 of 4)

Recent Replies has always been here.  It's not useless.  As a matter of fact, for me it's always been the most useful feature of the new design